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Ludia Consulting drives efficiency for Vixxo with a modern ERP system

Driven by their commitment to customers, Ludia Consulting leverages Microsoft products to deliver innovative solutions.

Ludia Consulting’s journey with Microsoft originated long before the consulting firm even existed. Lucas Diaz, Founder and CEO of Ludia Consulting, worked in partnership with the team that built part of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance, Supply Chain Management, and Field Service. With his product expertise and experience, Diaz founded the consulting firm in 2018 to “serve as the intersection between people and Dynamics 365,” he said.

In addition to helping organizations solve business-critical challenges, Ludia Consulting is also passionate about promoting diversity in tech by elevating minority communities with every engagement. Through the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program’s Black Partner Growth Initiative (BPGI) and Black Channel Partner Alliance Catalyst Accelerator, Ludia Consulting unlocked key resources and partnerships that fueled their growth and furthered their mission.

“I’ve gained so much as part of this experience with BPGI. Gaining a deep understanding of Microsoft’s designated solution areas, technology investment strategy, and what the sellers are looking for is like receiving the keys to the kingdom,” Diaz said. “Since joining BPGI, our sales pipeline has grown significantly. Now, we’re innovating and sharing ideas with Microsoft engineering teams to create better offerings, knowledgeable solutions, and better outcomes for our customers.”

Ludia Consulting’s experience designing and deploying Microsoft implementations—combined with the connections and resources they gained through BPGI—led to one of their most innovative solutions yet.

Driving efficiencies with connected data

Vixxo, a leading facilities services company with a vast network of over 150,000 technicians and 65,000 locations across North America, was looking for a scalable solution to grow their self-perform business. Their technician team was already achieving more than 90% in time to completion, and they saw an opportunity to scale that efficiency. Their top priorities were to:

  • Streamline internal operations by expanding their enterprise resource planning (ERP) system with Dynamics 365 Field Service.
  • Improve technician efficiency and profitability.
  • Implement modern tools to improve the technician experience, boost customer satisfaction, and simplify complex service calls.
  • Given Ludia Consulting’s proficiency in Dynamics 365 as a Solutions Partner for Business Applications, Vixxo turned to Diaz and his team to implement a modern and streamlined solution.

    Ludia Consulting completed a full analysis of Vixxo’s current system and worked with Vixxo’s leadership team to draft a clear picture of what they wanted to achieve. Vixxo’s ultimate goal was to grow their self-perform business to reduce technician travel time, maximize service uptime on their assets, and continue delivering exceptional customer service—at scale.


    Based on their analysis and Vixxo’s objectives, Ludia Consulting implemented Dynamics 365 Field Service and Resource Scheduling Optimization. According to Jim McCarthy, COO of Vixxo, the organization had multiple phases of testing and rolled out several pilots before final execution. “Our team has done a good job in adapting to the new technology and dealing with changes,” said McCarthy. “We now have a platform that will help us scale the exceptional service of our Vixxo technicians.”

    With the new system, Vixxo has increased technician efficiency out in the field and processed over 55,000 work orders. “We value Ludia Consulting and they have been a great technology innovation partner,” said McCarthy. “We’ve asked them to lead our AI program as we look to evolve to intelligent maintenance.”


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    “We’re innovating and sharing ideas with Microsoft engineering teams to create better offerings, knowledgeable solutions, and better outcomes for our customers.”

    –Lucas Diaz, Founder and CEO, Ludia Consulting

    Building the future with AI

    As Ludia Consulting continues to build innovative solutions that drive success for customers, they’re paving the way with AI. “When we’re talking AI and Microsoft Copilot, we’re trying to get to the bleeding edge,” said Scott LeFante, Director of Customer Experience at Ludia Consulting. “We know that some companies are ready for it now, particularly those that are data-driven and want to take their data analysis to the next level.”

    Working alongside Vixxo to execute their AI strategy, Ludia Consulting is developing Vixxo’s AI technician virtual assistant with Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service and Copilot.

    With the virtual assistant, field technicians can get real-time troubleshooting guidance. “Vixxo’s Technician Virtual Assistant will be a game-changer in the facility management landscape,” McCarthy said. “By harnessing the power of generative AI and combining it with over 20 years of repair history, technicians will diagnose and resolve issues faster—minimizing downtime of revenue generation equipment and reducing labor duration.”

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    “We’re focused on our customers, their ambitions, their strategy, and the challenges they’re having. But we’re also not afraid to say no to ensure best practices on our deployments.”

    –Mitch Loder, Sales Director, Ludia Consulting

    Focused and steady wins the race

    With deep expertise in Dynamics 365, innovative AI solutions, and commitment to working hand in hand with customers, Ludia Consulting has become a strategic partner driving transformative change in the tech industry.

    “We’re focused on our customers, their ambitions, their strategy, and the challenges they’re having. We’re also focused on helping our customers implement best practices on our deployments,” said Mitch Loder, Sales Director at Ludia Consulting. “There are times when a customer wants to do something that is against best practice, [and] we’re not afraid to tell them ‘no’. And we will work to ensure that they understand why that ‘no’ is important.”

    That laser focus—on their customers, best practices, and their technical craft—is what makes Ludia Consulting a trusted partner for customers like Vixxo.


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