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Making Public Sector Paperless

Mi-Corporation’s effort to simplify processes and increase productivity

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Transforming the public sector

For the last 16 years, Mi-Corporation has distinguished itself in the public sector by creating paperless mobile solutions for public sector entities. Mi-Corporation is an innovative market leader that builds mission critical information solutions for the government & public sector. Mi-Corporation is using Azure as a platform for its leading IP, for which it has 10 patents. In 2015, Mi-Corporation was named Microsoft’s Public Sector: Government Partner of the Year.

Mi-Corporation has worked with public sector organizations, such as the USDA and New York University not only to overhaul antiquated processes, but also make a positive impact within underprivileged communities.

Simplifying daily operations without compromising security in the cloud

As industry moved toward a cloud-first, mobile-first world, Mi-Corporation knew they had to continue to differentiate from competitors. Mi-Corporation has distinguished itself from their competition by creating applications that simplify day-to-day operations for public sector entities without forcing them to compromise on important capabilities such as security.

Mi-Corporation’s IP is most appealing to the public sector due to its ease of use and adoptability. Public sector customers tend to be more attached to paper-based solutions and find it difficult to keep up with the latest technology. However, Mi-Corporation’s solutions enable customers to go paperless while minimally disrupting established processes via a paper-like user interface for mobile forms.

There are several customers that Mi-Corporation has worked with in the past that have seen dramatic increases in productivity, due to adopting the Mi-Corporation mobile forms. One of these is the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). The USDA carries out inspections to detect diseases like mad cow disease to ensure the safety of the food supply. The entire process is typically documented on many pages of paper in environmentally hostile conditions, making it difficult to capture timely and accurate data. Mi-Corporation worked with the USDA to enable their inspectors to more easily document findings in the field without drastically changing the process inspectors were used to.

Since Mi-Corporation uses Azure, a Windows Server backend, and SQL Server, their customers are able to scale easily, keeping up with the demands of their business. “There are a lot of things Azure just handles for you that our customers don’t have to handle anymore,” Dr. Greg Clary says, referring to Azure Storage and the ability to gather app metrics into a dashboard within Azure. “We’re leveraging Azure Database capability as well.”

“[The] Azure Government cloud story is great and perfectly logical. However, we still run into states that still for better or worse want to have their own datacenters. Microsoft Azure Government datacenters are logically equivalent state datacenters as they do extensive criminal and federal background checks on employees. The security and redundancy that’s in place exceeds what any state datacenter has in place. Why would the state want to build and maintain its own bricks-and-mortar datacenters when they could contract it out to a company with that key competency? Microsoft is consolidating many states creating great cost savings for those states with a logically and functionally equivalent infrastructure,” Clary says.

Mi-Corporation is driving customers to the cloud by showing them the benefits that they gain in the process, such as reduced costs, increased productivity, and quicker time to production. However, Mi-Corporation has not gone through this process alone.

<i>The USDA started using Windows tablet PCs with Mi-Corporation mobile forms software to do inspections for mad cow disease and were able to increase the number of cattle inspected annually by a factor of 8 within a year.</i>

Dr. Greg Clary, CEO and Co-founder

Gaining momentum through MPN

“It’s impossible to grow your business alone. Partnering with MPN is critical to be successful within the IT industry,” Clary says. Even with a unique offering, Clary knew the company had to leverage all of its resources to stay relevant and be successful.

Mi-Corporation is a Microsoft Gold ISV and involved in the Dynamics CRM Online Acceleration Program, which enables them to more efficiently build Dynamics CRM based solutions. In addition, Mi-Corporation was recently selected for the Azure Mentor Program.

Through MPN, Mi-Corporation was able to get help with opportunities and find several leads through the Dynamics CRM program. They’ve also found the Microsoft Partner Network to be extremely useful as a way to connect with other partners. “Sometimes partners can provide a deeper level of expertise around a specific area and take things much further into a vertical,” Clary says of his engagement with other Microsoft partners.

Mi-Corporation has also developed their own partner network, with over 90 participating partners, many of whom also partner with Microsoft. By working with other partners and forming their own channel, Mi-Corporation has expanded their global sales reach – with partners in the UAE, UK, Australia, and Hong Kong.

By leveraging MPN and teaming up with partners with deep vertical knowledge, Mi-Corporation has been able to gain momentum, grow their business, and expand their reach.

<i>The ability to create specific vertical solutions very easily to shorten our time to market is critical. We do that by building out our solutions within Dynamics CRM, allowing us to easily scale our solutions.</i>

Dr. Greg Clary

Utilizing public cloud for the public good

Mi-Corporation’s position as a 16-year industry leader in enterprise mobile information solutions helps their customers quicken business cycles, drive productivity, and increase revenue. But they’re also working to make a difference in underprivileged communities throughout the world.

One place Mi-Corporation is making a difference is with the New York University College of Dentistry Henry Schein Cares Global Student Outreach Program. Dental students and faculty in the program travel to underserved populations with weeklong clinics to provide dental care. “They will go out to the field in Ecuador or in rural New York or India and provide dental clinics for a week,” Clary says.

Before implementing Mi-Corporation’s solution, they had no way to get records and track people as they traveled around the globe and came back to previous clinic locations. With the paperless mobile forms solution in place, the NYU School of Dentistry is able to create records for each patient while on location, saving the data in the cloud to use when they return to each clinic location in the future.

“They want to keep track of the kids they’re treating. They can track over time whether their efforts are making a difference,” Clary says. “We are proud of our work with them and appreciative of the opportunity to help provide dental care to underserved populations.”

Without Mi-Corporation’s paperless solution, NYU and their dental patients all around the world would have to rely on antiquated paper processes. Due to their partnership, NYU is able to have a lasting impact in different communities to help improve dental care and overall health of the community members.

In an effort to stand out from the crowd, Mi-Corporation has successfully gained notoriety through its innovations and IP. Their idea of changing daily, routine processes has now reached far beyond US borders and is now making a positive impact on a global level.

<i>NYU has a global outreach program in the School of Dentistry to help people in underprivileged communities get dental care.</i>

Dr. Greg Clary


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