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Nerdio case study

Microsoft partner secures deals and sees influx of leads with Azure Marketplace and Marketplace Rewards

An innovative ISV with an eye on global expansion

Independent software vendor Nerdio wanted to securely and easily deliver its technology offer while also gaining broader distribution.

Guidance and greater awareness with a Microsoft marketplace

Nerdio chose to sell in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace and take advantage of the included Marketplace Rewards to raise awareness and receive strategic advice.

Faster time to market, quick wins, and a frictionless buying process

Through Marketplace Rewards and Azure Marketplace, Nerdio has refined its offer, won deals, and boosted its leads by more than 100 percent.

A Microsoft partner adding value on top of native Azure Virtual Desktop environments

Based in Chicago, Illinois, Nerdio is a Microsoft partner empowering managed service providers, systems integrators, and enterprise IT professionals to deploy, manage, and optimize Windows 365 and Azure Virtual Desktop environments. Leveraging Azure Virtual Desktop and/or Windows 365, organizations can set up a scalable and flexible environment to accommodate diverse workloads and reduce costs with pooled, multi-session resources.

Nerdio’s management platforms for Azure enhance Microsoft’s native virtual desktop services and allow IT administrators to seamlessly provision and manage them side by side. Nerdio Manager for Enterprise is a packaged Azure application that runs in a customer’s own tenant to ensure security, reliability, and compliance. Nerdio Manager for MSP empowers service providers to build successful cloud practices in Microsoft Azure through easy multi-tenant management. Through a comprehensive feature set and advanced auto-scaling, both Nerdio Manager products drastically simplify the management of virtual desktops, ensure efficient operations through automation, and lower compute and storage costs compared to an unoptimized environment.

Nerdio uses Azure Marketplace to make it easy to try and buy Nerdio Manager

In the 12 months following the initial Azure Marketplace launch of Nerdio’s enterprise product, leads increased by well over 100 percent. Nerdio onboarded a number of customers by leveraging the private offer functionality of the marketplace. Furthermore, Nerdio has been able to bring more customers from around the world to Azure, as seen via the company’s 250 percent year-over-year increase with regards to influenced Azure consumption. This is because organizations can more cost-effectively bring more users to Azure when leveraging Nerdio alongside Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365.

Because Nerdio Manager is installed directly into a customer’s Azure tenant, the buying process could not be easier. Nerdio salespeople point customers to the solution in the Azure Marketplace, making it an easily accessible, indispensable selling tool. After downloading Nerdio Manager for Enterprise and trying it out with a 30-day free trial, customers can simply and easily activate their licenses in minutes. Overall, Azure Marketplace has provided Nerdio the global platform needed to grow its user base to over 2 million users under management. Nerdio has capitalized on Azure Marketplace’s reach, securing deals with the New York Department of Education, for remote learning (30,000+ users of Azure Virtual Desktop); the State of Oklahoma, for remote work (9,000+ users); and Concentrix Corporation, for remote work (19,000+ users).

Nerdio has also taken advantage of sales, technical, and marketing benefits offered to partners in the Microsoft commercial marketplace through Marketplace Rewards. These benefits include listing optimizations, social promotions, a spotlight in a Microsoft internal commercial marketplace newsletter, a joint case study, and a stint as a “featured app” on the Azure Marketplace home page.

“The Azure Marketplace and Marketplace Rewards have allowed us to achieve faster sales cycles, expand our global reach and customer base, and help more organizations and partners quickly deploy and manage Microsoft’s virtual desktop solutions at scale.”

—Joseph Landes, Chief Revenue Officer at Nerdio

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