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Netways IaC Mastery delivers hassle-free deployment of Azure resources and lowers change failure rate by 50%

By designing and implementing secure and scalable solutions on Microsoft Azure, Netways IaC Mastery service helps customers cut costs by 40%.

Complex and expensive infrastructure management

Manual configuration and provisioning, lack of version control, and scalability challenges bogged down customers' IT infrastructure management.

An IaC service using Microsoft resources

Microsoft partner Netways automated provisioning and configuration of Microsoft Azure infrastructure components, ensuring consistency and repeatability.

Improving outcomes by minimizing inefficiencies

Netways’ service guarded against negative impact of failed changes, helping organizations recover from incidents 24 times faster and lower change failure rate by 50%.

A Microsoft partner using Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

With over two decades of proven expertise in delivering turnkey solutions based on Microsoft technologies, Netways uses a blend of advisory, project, and managed services to accelerate digital transformation. Headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Netways serves more than 2,500 customers through 12 global locations, with a solid presence in the MENA region and in North America.

As a member of the Microsoft Business Applications Inner Circle, an exclusive community comprising top-tier Microsoft partners, Netways delivers consultancy and high-quality business technology solutions in the financial, government, healthcare, education, retail, telecommunication, and engineering sectors. The company offers these services and solutions utilizing a variety of Microsoft technologies, such as Azure DevOps, Azure Resource Manager, Dynamics 365, and Power Platform.

Netways IaC Mastery, available in Azure Marketplace, is a service the company provides to create and control cloud resources in Microsoft Azure with code. IaC employs DevOps practices and versioning to define and deploy infrastructure, ensuring the same environment is consistently generated every time it's deployed.

Microsoft provides native support for IaC via the Azure Resource Manager model to manage cloud infrastructure projects and assets. Azure Resource Manager uses declarative templates instead of scripts to manage cloud infrastructure projects and assets. It centralizes an organization’s billing by grouping resources and using tags for logical organization. Users can create and re-create the solution during the development process and ensure consistent states. It also works well with all Azure services and provides a management framework to lock, tag, and secure Azure resources after deployment.

It is one of the most dependable IaC tools because of its continuous monitoring, support, and smart management administrative framework.

Helping customers cut costs and avoid pitfalls

"Our journey with Infrastructure as Code marks a pivotal moment in our operations,” said Armand Honein, Unit Manager at Netways. “By codifying infrastructure, our customers achieved greater agility and consistency. The ability to automate deployments and scale rapidly has not only enhanced efficiency but has truly transformed how we approach IT. Our commitment to innovation is mirrored in the code that now defines infrastructure."

Using Netways IaC Mastery service, organizations were able to lower change failure rate by 50 percent on average and recover from incidents 24 times faster than before. Customers are no longer stuck with hardware expansion problems such as disks, storage, electricity, and network switches. With just the push of a button, all these elements can be effortlessly integrated, allowing for seamless operation. This has cut costs by 40 percent on average and all resources are up and running 99.95 percent of the time.

"Partnering with Microsoft has been instrumental in realizing the full potential of Infrastructure as Code. The comprehensive suite of tools, especially Azure Resource Manager and Azure DevOps, has empowered our customers to streamline processes. Through this collaboration, we've witnessed a significant reduction in deployment times, improved resource utilization, and enhanced collaboration between development and operations teams. Microsoft's commitment to providing robust IaC solutions has been a key driver of our success in modernizing our customers’ infrastructure,” Mohammad Beydoun, Global Engagement Director, Netways.

“Microsoft's commitment to providing robust IaC solutions has been a key driver of our success in modernizing our customers’ infrastructure.”

–Mohammad Beydoun, Global Engagement Director, Netways

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