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Govern 365 offers governance automation to drive Office 365 adoption

Maintaining governance in Office 365 can be a challenge

Managing content sprawl while maintaining the right balance of administrative control and user empowerment in Microsoft Office 365 can be a daunting task for IT teams.

Govern 365 offers governance automation for Office 365

IT admins can create self-service provisioning forms and ease content life cycle management using rules-based disposition and recertification processes.

Drive frictionless collaboration while reducing IT overhead

Govern 365 provides secure cradle-to-grave management of containers and actionable reporting to reduce IT overhead while increasing Office 365 adoption.

Netwoven helps clients drive success with digital transformation

Founded in 2001, Netwoven Inc. is a leading professional services provider specializing in Microsoft cloud services and technologies. It is focused on building solutions using Microsoft Azure, Office 365, and Dynamics 365. Netwoven helps organizations in their journey to the Microsoft Cloud Platform by designing and deploying solutions for content and collaboration, cloud infrastructure and management, analytics, and custom development.

Netwoven’s partnership with Microsoft began in 2001. Today the company enjoys gold partnership with Microsoft in many different competencies. It is also a FastTrack Ready partner and a tier 1 Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) partner.

Achieving the right balance of administrative control and user empowerment in Office 365

Achieving success with Office 365 means making sure it helps everyone in an organization achieve more. However, there are many different workloads in Office 365 (SharePoint Online, Yammer, Teams, Outlook Groups, Planner) to choose from, which can be confusing for users trying to pick the right tool for their needs. Additionally, lots of active Office 365 users means lots of documents, files, and customizations are amassed across an organization, with many being out of date or irrelevant.

Govern 365 for Office 365 is a governance automation solution available on both Microsoft AppSource and Azure Marketplace. Govern 365 enables users to quickly identify the right Office 365 workload and request the creation of containers and forms through an intuitive, wizard-based process.

To manage content sprawl, Govern 365 offers a rules-based interface to filter targeted content at a granular level, then trigger the appropriate disposition of the content, such as deleting it, making it read-only, or archiving it. It also automatically recertifies access and containers for authorized users to keep the Office 365 environment clean and comply with organizational governance policies.

“Organizations around the globe are gaining tremendous value from moving to Office 365. That value, however, comes with some of its own considerations. Interest in appropriate governance for Office 365, especially to help with limiting content sprawl, is skyrocketing as administrators and service owners grapple with how best to unlock the productivity potential of the Office 365 platform," said Andrew Sutton, Product Manager, Netwoven.

Govern 365 ensures a clutter-free Office 365 environment, empowers users, and reduces IT burden by employing the right governance controls to drive Office 365 adoption.

“Netwoven's Govern 365 is a comprehensive solution that has helped us apply governance policies to our Office 365 environment. It has helped ensure the right balance of administrative control and provides our users with the optimal empowerment.”

—Brett Cox, Collaboration Specialist, Keysight Technologies

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