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Privacera case study

Privacera combines consistent data governance with efficient and fine-grained data control via its SaaS-based platform on Microsoft Azure

Organizations need fast, secure, and compliant access to data

Key problems for some enterprises include having transparency for data usage across Azure services, automatically securing access, and demonstrating compliance with GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, LGPD, and other regulations.

Privacera centralizes and simplifies data governance

Privacera provides a single pane of glass view of sensitive data across sources and enforces data-sharing policies across Azure-based storage services. The platform expedites user onboarding and speeds data access requests.

10x increased productivity and onboarding with Microsoft Azure

Privacera implemented its platform on Azure for a customer, providing increased visibility of data, streamlined access control, and better analysis. Onboarding new data users decreased from days to minutes, while productivity increased by 10 times.

Privacera, a Microsoft partner enabling clients to quickly turn their data into value

Privacera’s mission is to enable enterprises to safely democratize data across their organizations, empowering them to drive data science efforts, make more-informed business decisions, and ensure their data is compliant with industry standards like CCPA, HIPAA, GDPR, LGPD, and more.

"Privacera alleviates the risks associated with moving, storing, and accessing sensitive cloud data by automating access control policies, encrypting and masking data whether in motion or at rest, and providing comprehensive auditing and reporting for full visibility of who accesses data and for what purposes,” said Stefan Glover, Senior Director of Strategic Alliances, Privacera.

Founded in 2016 by the creators of the Apache Ranger data security framework, Privacera is trusted by numerous Fortune 500 companies to secure and govern their sensitive data assets. Available through the Azure Marketplace, Privacera’s platform lets analytics teams access the data they need without compromising privacy or security requirements.

Working with Microsoft Azure products to streamline data access and automate data compliance

Privacera’s solution provided a complete view of sensitive data across a manufacturer’s Azure-based services, including Azure Databricks, Azure Data Lake Storage, Microsoft Power BI Embedded, Azure Cosmos DB, and Azure Synapse Analytics. The manufacturer was able to increase the analytical value of its data to different business lines, including product development, marketing, manufacturing, and services.

Privacera also defined and enforced data-sharing policies, using fine-grained access control of data that included sensitive data and personally identifiable information (PII), thereby ensuring only authorized users can access this sensitive data. The data teams can now request access to specific sets of data resources based on their functional roles, projects, data-sharing agreements, or engagements. With increased visibility of customer, review, and product data, the manufacturer was empowered to implement better predictive analyses of its products and drive enhancements based on customer feedback.

Privacera’s single-pane view across all Azure cloud services provided the manufacturer with in-depth visibility of sensitive data across storage and enhanced understanding of users’ data requests, what is contained in data, and where data is being used. With this transparency, the customer was able to easily prove compliance with industry regulations and ensure its sensitive data was protected from unauthorized use.

The solution enabled rapid, compliant access of data for analysis, decreased the manufacturer’s onboarding time for new data users from days to minutes, assured privacy, and improved productivity of data science initiatives by 10 times.

"Enterprises using cloud services like Microsoft Azure must ensure their sensitive data is protected from unauthorized use in order to derive valuable analytics safely, while maintaining their customers' trust and meeting stringent privacy regulations. Together with Microsoft Azure, we are making it even easier for Azure users to get the most value from their data without compromising privacy or compliance.”

—Stefan Glover, Senior Director of Strategic Alliances, Privacera

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