A person sitting at a desk looking at a computer monitor A person sitting at a desk looking at a computer monitor

Quorum Cyber offers peace of mind in unpredictable digital landscape

Through personalized partnerships, Quorum Cyber defends and supports customers before, during, and after any cybersecurity incident.

People typically invest in insurance coverage to protect them in the event of a car accident or a basement flood, but the same can’t always be said about cybersecurity. While organizations might not always face immediate cyber threats, the damage—both financial and reputational—can be irreparable if they’re not protected during an attack.

Whether it’s personal insurance or cybersecurity, the value is two-fold: peace of mind when things are going smoothly, and reliable protection when things aren’t. That’s what Quorum Cyber aims to provide every organization they work with.

Founded in 2016, with offices in the United Kingdom and the United States, Quorum Cyber helps defend organizations globally across the public, private, and non-profit sectors against threats, breaches, and cyberattacks. With their partnership model, Quorum Cyber shapes their services to meet each of their customers’ needs.

“Our focus is on doing what's right for the customer, in a tailored way that's specific to the threats they face and the objectives of the business,” said Nathan Heard, Microsoft Alliance Manager at Quorum Cyber.

Partnering for holistic threat protection

In an increasingly hostile digital landscape, AI makes it possible to build innovative solutions that help protect against threats—but it also poses risks and unknowns that inexperienced organizations may not be prepared to handle. As a Microsoft Solutions Partner for Security, Quorum Cyber is a trusted advisor for those organizations.

Quorum Cyber supports customers with the entirety of the Microsoft Security portfolio, but when it comes to Microsoft’s threat protection solution play, they leverage two core product families: Microsoft Sentinel—an AI-powered, cloud-native security information and event management (SIEM) solution, and Microsoft Defender—an enterprise defense suite that natively coordinates detection, prevention, investigation, and response to protect against sophisticated attacks.

Together, Sentinel and Defender provide a comprehensive ecosystem of security controls. Quorum Cyber oversees that ecosystem for customers with its Managed Extended Detection and Response (M-XDR) service. “We deploy and manage Microsoft Defender and Microsoft Sentinel to provide detection and response coverage across a customer’s entire business, but we're also constantly configuring, optimizing, and implementing new features based on the customer’s specific business, threat profile, and environment in order to provide the most comprehensive cyber risk mitigation service possible,” Heard said.

In addition to providing holistic security for customers around the world, Quorum Cyber’s partnership with Microsoft has been instrumental in enhancing their services and growing their business. Through the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program’s incentives and investments—plus ready-to-launch resources like Defend Against Cybersecurity Threats Campaign-in-a-Box—Quorum Cyber has been able to generate more demand, build customer intent, and work on pre-sales funding engagements to showcase the value of both Microsoft Security products and Quorum Cyber’s services.

“We’ve grown our business and offerings in line with Microsoft’s own development of its Security products,” said Heard. “And Microsoft supports partners with investments to show the value of our services and Microsoft Security to customers, but also by both organizations' teams working closely together to help customers.”

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“Our focus is on doing what’s right for the customer, in a tailored way that’s specific to the threats they face and the objectives of the business.”

–Nathan Heard, Microsoft Alliance Manager at Quorum Cyber

Mitigating risk, maximizing value

When Quorum Cyber starts working with a customer to reduce cyber risk, one of the common challenges they find is the organization’s attempts to piecemeal security solutions together. Different providers might specialize in identity security, endpoint security, or cloud security, “but that means they are buying and licensing from multiple vendors that don't natively integrate,” Heard said.

Quorum Cyber’s goal is to give customers a single, cost-effective solution that provides a clearer picture of their organization’s security landscape with Sentinel and Defender.

“One of the benefits we talk to customers about when deploying Microsoft Security products is maximizing the value of their investments,” said Heard. As a result, Quorum Cyber's customers reduce both their cyber risk and their costs by choosing one comprehensive solution.

“Most of all, the true value of cybersecurity is in enabling an organization to thrive regardless of the threats it faces in an unpredictable digital landscape,” said Heard. “Strong cybersecurity and cyber resilience are good for an organization’s customers, stakeholders, employees, and brand reputation.”

A person sitting at a table with a laptop A person sitting at a table with a laptop

“As a company, we take customers on a journey of security improvement and risk reduction to deliver their desired outcomes and objectives.”

–Nathan Heard, Microsoft Alliance Manager at Quorum Cyber

A steady guide through the storm

Even if a company is equipped with a comprehensive security service, Quorum Cyber understands that threats are always evolving and growing increasingly sophisticated. But if a threat does become an attack, Quorum Cyber’s incident response team is prepared to support organizations every step of the way.

While Quorum Cyber’s priority is to contain the incident and minimize the impact, they also understand the intense emotional element of high-pressure situations like a cyberattack. “If an organization is experiencing a cyberattack, they've probably been up all night, barely getting sleep. They’ve got so much weight on their shoulders,” Heard said. “One of the first things our incident response team will advise customers to do is, ‘Go take a break, go have a coffee, go have a shower. We're here to support and manage the situation.’”

Amid the storm, Quorum Cyber serves as a steady and trusted advisor, helping customers stay calm and focused. “We've had customers say that we’re a calming influence, we wrap our arms around them, and we advise them on what to do—and what not to do as well! We advise them who to communicate with, what to say, and when to say it because during a cyberattack, organizations might have knee-jerk reactions and do or say the wrong thing,” said Heard.

Quorum Cyber’s incident response team helps organizations find the balance between underreacting and overreacting to a cyberattack. They work to contain the threat, while also avoiding total system shutdowns that could result in losing critical business operations or crucial evidence about the cyberattack. Then, the organizations can get back up and running safely and securely, knowing they have reliable support from Quorum Cyber.

A personal approach

As Quorum Cyber continues supporting customers with the services and resources they need to reduce cyber risk, they’re committed to keeping an organization’s people front and center.

“As a company, we take customers on a journey of security improvement and risk reduction to deliver their desired outcomes and objectives. That's really where the value of our business comes in, and we do it in a personal way,” Heard said. “Our customers know who we are, they know who their analysts are, they know who their account manager is. They know that we understand what their challenges are, and that the Microsoft Security ecosystem is essential to addressing them and delivering their objectives.”

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