Student using SignAll learning system

SignAll case study

SignAll makes learning sign language fun with Azure AI

It’s hard for students to learn sign language

Students have limited opportunities to practice their sign language and teachers struggle to track student progress.

An AI-driven learning system designed for the classroom

SignAll lets students play games and complete trainings to learn new signs and receive feedback in real-time.

More visibility for teachers, more practice for students

With SignAll, teachers can better monitor student progress and students can practice signing whenever and however they want.

Communication is the bedrock of human interaction. Have you ever tried to talk to someone, realized they speak a different language, then switched to it and saw their eyes light up? There’s something beautifully human about connecting with a person in their native tongue. By being more inclusive of different languages, we can get more done and build stronger, more genuine relationships with the people around us.

As the world strives to become a more inclusive place, sign language classes are rapidly growing more popular. However, these classes can be tricky for students with limited opportunities to practice their signing and for teachers who lack clear metrics to gauge student progress.

SignAll wants to change that. Based out of Budapest, Hungary, SignAll offers innovative AI and computer vision-based solutions to streamline American Sign Language (ASL) learning and communication. SignAll’s solutions offer a truly transformative experience in the classroom, enabling students to practice their skills whenever, and however, they want. By providing a fun, easy way for students to learn new signs and giving teachers better visibility into their students’ progress, SignAll is augmenting ASL classrooms across North America by improving student engagement and outcomes. And SignAll’s benefits don’t stop at the classroom, as real-time ASL to English translations hold dramatic potential for the private sector as well.

How does it work?

SignAll’s learning system starts with a relatively simple and inexpensive hardware setup—to get started, classrooms just need a PC, a Kinect, two Intel RealSense cameras, and some special gloves. Once the hardware is in place, the fun can begin. Each lesson consists of three steps: learn, practice, and quiz. In the first phase, students are introduced to new signs via virtual flashcards and visual demonstrations. Next, students practice these signs by playing games such as Space Man and Word Search, receiving automated feedback in real-time. Finally, students test their knowledge in a short quiz, showing them what they need to work on and automatically generating a report for the teacher.

Screenshot of a SignAll user playing the Space Man game and learning to sign the letter "i"

Screenshot of a user learning to sign the word “college”

What’s under the hood?

SignAll’s patented solution leverages Microsoft Azure AI and the Azure Kinect Developer Kit to track face and hand movements down to the smallest detail. Because powerful AI capabilities such as computer vision come standard with Azure and are easily accessible to developers via open APIs and pre-written code blocks, partners like SignAll can focus their efforts on leveraging the world’s leading AI rather than building their own.

Making a difference in ASL classrooms

SignAll’s learning system benefits ASL students and teachers alike. By gamifying lessons and providing real-time feedback whenever students want to practice, SignAll gives students control over their own progress, enabling them to hone their skills at their own pace. For teachers, the customizable curriculum and automated reporting system enables unparalleled insight into student progress and a new way to tailor the learning experience to each child’s needs.

“I’m seeing really great improvement in my classroom from a record keeping standpoint because I get reports that tell me where students need to focus more. I can take this information and tailor my teaching to match the students.”

— Jody Converse, ASL Teacher, Brainerd High School

SignAll is also exploring ways to enable remote learning for students, hoping to support schools however they can in the midst of COVID-19.

Right now, SignAll is offering free, one-semester pilots of their learning system in exchange for user feedback. Schools aren’t the only organizations that can benefit from SignAll’s solution though, businesses can also leverage this innovative learning system to train employees in ASL, helping them communicate with hard-of-hearing customers and foster inclusivity.

To learn more about enrolling in a pilot, or becoming a SignAll partner or vendor, visit the SignAll website today and fill out their consultation request form.

If your business is interested in leveraging Azure AI technology in any of your solutions, visit our website here.

“We try to make it as user friendly as possible by working directly with students, asking them ‘is this good enough’ and ‘how could this be better’. By working interactively with them, we’ve built something that’s quite good.”

— David Palhazi, Chief Operating Officer, SignAll

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