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TwoConnect Marketplace Rewards case study

TwoConnect boosts its Microsoft Azure consumption with Marketplace Rewards

Usage goals

Data solutions company TwoConnect wanted to increase usage of its solutions in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

One-on-one assistance

TwoConnect took advantage of the Marketplace Rewards program from Microsoft and a one-on-one engagement manager relationship.

Greater Azure consumption

By executing marketing benefits with the Marketplace Rewards team, TwoConnect raised its Azure consumption by a factor of seven.

‘Definitely one of the best partner benefit programs’

Marketplace Rewards helps partner companies publish solutions or services on Microsoft AppSource and Azure Marketplace, exposing them to a huge new pool of potential customers. All partners that publish new offers receive 360-degree support with marketing, sales, and technical benefits.

TwoConnect, a modern software solutions company based in Miami, Florida, worked with its dedicated Marketplace Rewards engagement manager to achieve co-sell status, enabling Microsoft to add TwoConnect solutions to relevant customer sales discussions. With more than a dozen solutions available in the Microsoft commercial marketplace, TwoConnect relied on its engagement manager to organize and advise on co-marketing efforts to provide the biggest impact toward potential customers.

“We have been a Microsoft gold partner since 1995, and this is definitely one of the best partner benefit programs we’ve been involved in,” said Carmen Mariscal, Marketing Director for TwoConnect. “Big thanks to the team for all the help!”

Marketplace Rewards benefits raise awareness

TwoConnect raised awareness for its Marketplace solutions by executing case studies, social promotions, press releases, and many other benefits it receives as a Marketplace Rewards partner. The social promotion showcases partner solutions through a Microsoft Twitter outlet. One of TwoConnect's social promotions, which advertised its three-day proof of concept for migrating BizTalk Server applications to Azure Logic Apps, generated more than 13,000 engagements. The case study allows partners to share their experiences and achievements working with Microsoft, and it also highlights the Microsoft products or services that led to success. TwoConnect's case study about its BizTalk Server Application Management service, which focused on Forrest T. Jones & Company, received more than 300 views.

The press release allows partners to include a Microsoft executive quote in their third-party press release, as well as gain approval on the Microsoft-specific product positioning within the release. TwoConnect's March 20, 2019, press release, announcing the launch of its Modern Azure Data Migration and Power BI services in the Azure Marketplace, was picked up by 144 online sources, reaching a total potential audience of 68 million. TwoConnect's June 6, 2019, press release, which focused on its BizTalk Support and Azure Managed Services proof of concept in the Azure Marketplace, was circulated by 137 online sources, reaching a total potential audience of 89 million.

Recently, TwoConnect was happy to report significant increases in Azure consumption—seven times the previous amount—and now sees even greater promise ahead in its collaboration with Microsoft.

“We have increased our Azure consumption 7X, in large part thanks to the Marketplace Rewards team at Microsoft. Our engagement manager has given us great advice and guidance! This success has motivated us to set our partnership goals even higher.”

—Carmen Mariscal, Marketing Director, TwoConnect

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