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Explore the direct model

Take responsibility for customer transaction, support, and receiving compensation for your services.

Are you prepared for the direct model?

Choosing direct is great when you have the infrastructure in place to do it all. If your business meets these requirements, you’re ready to go.

Services business model

You’re executing strategies for differentiation, modern sales and marketing, optimizing operations, and delivering customer lifetime value.

Support services

You serve as the first point of contact and work directly with customers to resolve any technology issues or needs that arise.

Insider’s view

You have the necessary billing systems to prepare and send invoices to your customers and collect payment.

Ability to scale

You’re prepared to manage growth of your business, including adding new services to your portfolio and hiring staff.

Get to know the indirect model

Learn more about what it means to participate in the indirect model, including partnering with indirect providers to provide support and billing services.

Direct model resources

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Learn the support requirements of the CSP program, how to build and run a support organization, and how Microsoft can help you support your customers.

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Partners operating under the Direct model own customer billing and invoicing. Learn more about billing and invoicing, including helpful resources and details.

By going with an Indirect Provider we were able to get into the market quicker with less investment.

– Eamon Moore, Managing Director, EMIT.

Get started with the Direct model

The CSP Direct model is great if you have the infrastructure in place to do it all. If your business meets the requirements in the checklist, and you’re ready to go, enroll today.