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Explore the Direct model

Learn what it means to participate in the Direct CSP model.

The CSP Direct model has really helped transform our business from a projects company to an ongoing annuity services company.

- Tim Wallis, Owner, Content & Code

Is the Direct model for you?

The Direct model requires your business to have a robust infrastructure to enable end-to-end ownership of the customer relationship. Direct partners commit to handling everything themselves from solutions design to support and billing.

Profitability in the cloud

Get support building a profitable business. Review the presentation to learn about multiple cloud business models, each with varying levels of profitability.

Choose your focus

Successful partners are masters at their technologies, verticals, or business processes. Read this eBook to learn how to use your expertise to differentiate your business and stand out from the competition.

Build your value proposition

Use digital marketing and build a scalable sales engine to reach customers and grow your business. Read this eBook to learn the value of marketing with modern techniques to reach customers.

Provide ongoing support

Watch this video and download the presentation to understand how you own the responsibility of user, product, and system support. We are committed to helping you provide the best service possible by offering flexible partner support options designed to meet your needs.

Own customer billing

Understand how to set payment terms and create the cash flow model right for you. View and download helpful billing resources and details in your dashboard on the Partner Center.

Get started with the Direct model

The CSP Direct model is great if you have the infrastructure in place to do it all. If your business meets the requirements in the checklist, and you’re ready to go, enroll today.

Want to work with an Indirect Provider who has the infrastructure you need?

Spend more time focused on your customers by partnering with an Indirect Provider. The CSP Indirect model is great for partners not interested or ready to take on support and billing.

CSP Direct model FAQ