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Grow with the program

Learn how you can grow your business with the CSP program.

Find new paths to profitability

It’s clear. The cloud is here, and it’s not just the early adopters and “born in the cloud” solution providers embracing the opportunity. Embracing the cloud and leveraging the CSP program to grow your business will open new doors to profitability.

Four ways to grow your business

Through IDC research and discussions with thousands of partners around the world, we’ve identified four core pillars of the modern partner that contribute to building a successful, profitable cloud business. Review our findings in these four eBooks.

Differentiate to stand out

Pursue a specialized strategy and create intellectual property (IP) services to differentiate your business.

Modernize sales and marketing

Utilize digital marketing and build a scalable sales engine to enhance your go-to-market strategy

Optimize your operations

Get the most from your people, process, tools, and tracking to improve your operational health.

Deliver customer lifetime value

You’ve worked hard to land your customers. Become a trusted advisor and keep them for life.

Grow your business by selling Microsoft cloud products

Explore CSP products and services

Use Microsoft Azure to unlock lucrative managed service opportunities.

Transform your Office 365 practice into a cloud services business.

Keep your customers productive and their data protected with Enterprise Mobility Suite.

Help your customers streamline their business operations and deliver amazing customer experiences.