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Explore the Indirect model

Learn what it means to be an Indirect Reseller with the CSP program.

By going with an Indirect Provider we were able to get into the market quicker with less investment.

- Eamon Moore, Managing Director, EMIT

Is the Indirect model for you?

Many resellers prefer the indirect approach because it helps you go-to-market more quickly and easily while requiring less capital investment. Under the Indirect model, you partner with an Indirect Provider who provides you customer support and billing. This means you don’t have to begin on your own, but can work with an experienced partner to help ensure your success.

See what an Indirect Provider can do for you

Get the infrastructure you need to sell through CSP. Indirect Providers have the systems and infrastructures in place to provide this robust level of support, so you can focus on your customer offerings.

Provide unique value to your customers

Realize the opportunity to differentiate and grow your business with managed services, which creates a unique value proposition to your customers.

Find an indirect provider

If you're not interested in building an infrastructure to provide customers support and billing, connect with an Indirect provider. This model allows you to spend more time with your customers and provide specialized service offerings. Review the map of authorized Indirect providers in your area. They can provide help with value added services, support, and billing.

Does your business have the infrastructure to own billing and support?

Understand the requirements of the CSP Direct model

CSP Indirect model FAQ

Microsoft bills Indirect Providers monthly, in advance. Indirect Providers then bill their Indirect Resellers in accordance with the terms of their reseller agreement.

Services offered by Indirect Providers vary so you should evaluate the Indirect Providers in your area to determine what best meets your needs. Most Indirect Providers will help you:

  • Provide support
  • Offer technical assistance
  • Market your products and services
  • Establish financing and credit terms
  • Grow your business, in certain cases
  • Sell additional products and services

Yes. We anticipate some partners, as they gain experience, may want to build out their infrastructure and switch from Indirect to Direct. Conversely, some Direct partners may elect to take advantage of the services provided by an Indirect Provider for all or part of their business.