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UNSW streamlines their reporting, analytics and planning processes with CALUMO

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Financial planning for impact

The CALUMO solution enables the University of New South Wales to comprehensively streamline their reporting, budgeting and planning processes.

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When CALUMO, a software company focused on providing business intelligence to finance people, began working with the University of New South Wales (UNSW), they uncovered a lack of agility in the University’s reporting, planning and forecasting capabilities.
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"Microsoft is synonymous with quality and security. We’re obviously a much smaller organization. So, when we stand with Microsoft, in terms of convincing a prestigious institution they should be working with us, it really adds value to our story."

Dominic Parsons, CEO, CALUMO

A six-week pilot laid the framework for a Microsoft SQL Server solution that would give the University improved access to their information and higher-quality forecasting capabilities. As Dominic Parsons, CALUMO’s CEO, explains, “Doing a pilot used to be tough. You needed to work with IT, set up the hardware, install the software. Now within minutes, we’ve got an entire environment for our prospects to log-in and start trying things.”

Since then, the partnership between UNSW, CALUMO and Microsoft has continued to expand beyond traditional applications of financial planning to include a wide variety of use cases like:

  • Financial management reporting capabilities, cascaded to all levels of the organization
  • Workforce planning
  • Student load and teaching revenue reporting and planning
  • HR functions like payroll and leave information
  • Credit card reporting and analysis
  • Study room utilization
  • Energy management

Parsons explains, “The net gain to the Uni is in the tens of millions.” By streamlining the reporting, planning and budgeting process, UNSW was able to optimize their staffing and planning processes. Parsons goes on to say, “We’re really proud that any time the University makes a decision involving numbers, CALUMO and Microsoft are there, helping to support those decisions.”



With headquarters in both Sydney, Australia, and Dallas, Texas, CALUMO empowers business people and their teams to obtain the Full Benefit of what their Business Data can tell them. Through its combined capabilities of self-service, reporting, planning and forecasting, it effectively puts facts in context to allow best actions to be taken every day. CALUMO puts the right information in the hands of the right people at the right time – in the cloud from Azure or on your own premises.



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