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Training and resources

Find Volume Licensing training and resources to help you access pricing, quotes, agreements, product activation, and other tools.


Microsoft provides the training you need to add Volume Licensing to your portfolio of skills.

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Volume Licensing training

Build the foundational knowledge you need to pass competency exams and prepare for the Microsoft Certified Partner assessment.

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Microsoft certification exams

Establish your organization as a preferred provider of Volume Licensing solutions and add to your credentials as a licensing expert.

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Win contract renewals and keep customers happy

There are over 330,000 Volume Licensing customers with expiring coverage agreements. That’s over USD1.3 billion in recurring revenue. These expirations are a chance for you to grow your business and customer relationships. Download our Renewals Action Guide to help guide you in taking advantage of this huge opportunity.

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Licensing tools

Use these online tools to generate quotes, create new agreements, and manage existing agreements.

Microsoft Licensewise for Volume Licensing

Helps you recommend Microsoft products and solutions to your Microsoft Volume Licensing customers, optimize your sales process, and build new revenue opportunities.

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Microsoft explore.ms

Find out how to access pricing information for Microsoft products and solutions. Log in to explore.ms to download the price list.

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Microsoft eAgreements

Automates the electronic creating, assembly, signature, and activation of Volume Licensing agreements. Reduce data-input errors and agreement cycle times so you have more time to spend on other sales activities.

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Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center

The VLSC makes it easy for you and your customers to manage Microsoft Volume Licensing agreements, download licensed products, and access volume license keys—all in one place.

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Product activation resources

Access resources to manage licenses acquired through Volume Licensing.

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Volume license keys

Learn how to access volume license keys through the VLSC or a worldwide Volume Licensing activation center.

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Product activation

Access the product keys required to activate some Microsoft products and solutions acquired through Volume Licensing.

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Volume activation

See how this technology automates the product activation process in a way that is transparent to end users.

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Activation centers

Help customers work with their local Volume Licensing activation center to request volume license keys.