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StepUp Webinar Series for US SMB partners

The US StepUp program offers new virtual workshops series with step-by-step guidance to help you start a Microsoft cloud practice. It carries forward the momentum of our popular US SMB JumpStart webinar series, now on demand, with all-new topics. Designed to help your team comprehend, adopt, and deploy new Microsoft cloud technologies to expand your business opportunities, each StepUp webinar series walks you through the specific aspects of the solution. Register now for these upcoming timely topics and find all our past StepUp webinars on demand, below.

On-demand webinars

Below you can find on-demand training – including the most recent StepUp webinars to help you build new cloud solution offerings, as well as our popular JumpStart series. Browse the topics below.

As a Microsoft Partner, adding Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions to your current offerings can help turn your customer relationships into increased revenue and profitability. By adding Dynamics 365 to your portfolio you will also have the opportunity to earn customers for life with your ability to add your managed services and future Dynamics 365 modules to your customer offerings.

Who should participate: Consultants and BDMs

On Demand

These webinar series will help you build and grow your practice, develop a strong go-to-market strategy and increase your technical knowledge with rich and detailed information about the different on-premises and cloud-based Data and AI solutions from Microsoft.

Who should participate: Technical leads, Consultants and BDMs

Part 1: Hybrid SQL: Deployment Scenarios, HA/DR On Demand
Part 2: Hybrid SQL: Stretch DB, Always On in Azure On Demand

Part 1: Introduction to Azure Machine Learning and Cognitive Services On Demand
Part 2: Introduction to Azure Machine Learning and Cognitive Services On Demand

Do your Office 365 customers need an integrated telecommunication & collaboration solution? Join us to learn how to extend their productivity experience with integrated voice and collaboration using MS Phone System, Conferencing & Calling. During this 6-week journey, we will explore the components, plans, partner opportunity and future of voice with Teams.

Who should participate: Office 365 partners looking to extend their productivity practice with Voice & Collaboration, and Telephony partners looking for an easy to use, integrated SMB voice solution.

On demand

Your customers are demanding modern and dynamic data visualization capabilities as organizations are rapidly pursuing opportunities to capture innovation enabled by unlocking new insights from their data. Power BI is a powerful data visualization platform and has evolved massively since it was first introduced. This can now support a myriad of partner and customer use case scenarios. In this webinar series, you will learn how Power BI can be utilized for self-service analytics, embedded scenarios or more advanced enterprise-ready analytics requirements. Join us for this informative series to help you ignite a new data visualization practice based on Power BI!

Who should participate: Technical leads, Consultants, and BDMs.

On demand

This 4-week webinar series is designed to help you understand the opportunity that exists for both partners and customers in moving on-premises workloads to the public cloud and why to choose Azure. We’ll review the resources, best practices and tools that exist around the three steps to migration - discover and assess, migrate, and optimize.

Who should participate: Technical Leads

On demand

Learn how to leverage the already included PowerApps, Flow and the Common Data Services to orchestrate your business processes across different applications and systems. Join us for a lesson on how to use the Common Data Service to create the one single view of all your data and make it available in an intuitive way that will empower your employees.

Who should participate: Technical leads, Consultants, and BDMs

On demand

Learn how to provide Azure based solutions for your customers to solve their data backup, business continuity, and disaster recovery challenges. This four-week webinar series is designed to help your team understand, adopt, and deploy these Microsoft technologies, while at the same time helping you expand your business opportunities.

Who should attend?

This webinar series best-suited for partner companies who are looking to learn the fundamentals and are ready to start an Azure practice today. We recommend your company's Office 365 Technical Lead attend the sessions. If you have already adopted Azure Backup or Azure Site Recovery into your customer solutions, these sessions can be useful for new team members unfamiliar with the technology.

On demand

Learn how you can secure Identity, Data, and Devices across your customers environments using Microsoft Security solutions. We will be showcasing a variety of offerings including Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security, Microsoft Azure Active Directory, and Azure Information Protection.

Who should attend?

This webinar series is best-suited for partner companies who want to learn how to protect their customers against cybersecurity attacks by providing and deploying Microsoft Security solutions across their environments. The company’s Technical Lead should attend this webinar series.

On demand

Customers are demanding cloud-based data platform capabilities now more than ever before. In the past, it was difficult for partners to help customers move their on-premises data workloads to Azure due to limited migration tools and complex architectures. That’s all changed with the availability of new Azure enabled tools that significantly ease Microsoft and non-Microsoft data migrations to the cloud. In this three-week series, you will learn about the tremendous opportunities to capitalize on this customer need with the tools and technologies to build a new practice offering.

Who should attend?

This program is designed for partners who are looking to understand the business opportunities for application modernization and database migrations with new technologies like DMS and SQL Managed Instance that help accelerate that practice. Technical Leads and Business Decision Makers are best suited for this webinar series.

On demand

Learn how Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service helps enable your customer’s digital transformation and improve every aspect of customer service. This is very important since customer experience is on track to overtake both price and product as the key brand differentiator by 2020, according to the Walker 2020 Customers report. We will help improve this experience through five key capability sets: omni-channel engagement, self-service and communities, agent enablement, unified knowledge and service intelligence.

Who should attend?

This program is designed for Technical Leads, Business Decision Makers and Consultants.

On demand

Learn how to increase your profitability, deliver greater value to your customers, and architect more modern and competitive projects by extending Microsoft Dynamics 365 with Azure advanced capabilities. Understand how Azure Hub, Stream Analytics, Cortana Intelligence, Blob Storage, IoT Hub, Bots and more can be used to differentiate your solution and sell more.

Who should attend?

This program is designed for Technical Leads, Business Decision Makers and Consultants.

On demand
  • SMB JumpStart: Creating Virtual Machines with High Availability | On demand
  • SMB JumpStart: Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery | On demand
  • SMB JumpStart: Reimagine Hybrid Cloud Storage with the StorSimple Virtual Appliance | On demand
  • SMB JumpStart: Azure Virtual Machines | On demand
  • SMB JumpStart: Hybrid Identity | On demand
  • SMB JumpStart: Enterprise Mobility Suite | On demand
  • SMB JumpStart: Cloud PBX and PSTN in Skype for Business Online | On demand
  • SMB JumpStart: Business Intelligence | On demand
  • SMB JumpStart: Getting Started with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Business edition | On demand
  • SMB JumpStart: Building a Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Business edition | On demand
  • SMB JumpStart: Accelerate your customer’s time to implement | On demand
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Create new leads and prospects with our Marketing SureStep digital marketing resources

“Such an awesome workshop! Love all the workbooks, overall structure, and packed with useful and relevant tips all along the way.”

- Katie Mitchell, Tahoe Club 100 Training Center

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Revenue Growth Academy

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Revenue Growth Expansion

Do you really know your customers’ needs? These webinars will help you see opportunities to provide incremental project services and cross-selling /upselling based on expressed and even unexpressed customer needs.

Partner growth success stories

Take a look at these case studies and listen to the interviews with these successful partners to get tips on growing your business with your existing customers.

"We have to maintain what we call a “touch-role.” We need to be in constant touch with customers, making sure we are delivering not only the right solution but also the right services and meeting their current and long-term needs.”

- Geno Cenci, National Practice Director, ePlus Technology, Inc.

ConvergeOne engages customers

Resources from Microsoft, a deep technical bench and keeping visibility into the customer through managed services helps ConvergeOne grow. Read the story and listen to the interview.

ePlus drives growth

Evolved from a traditional VAR to a technology integrator, staying in constant contact with customers drives company growth for ePlus. Read the story and listen to the interview.

iCorps keeps customers loyal

With actionable assessments and living roadmaps, iCorps walks with customers through their cloud transformation. Read the story and listen to the interview.

Kraft Kennedy knows law firms

By specializing in the legal vertical, Kraft Kennedy combines their industry knowledge and technical skills to build relationships that lead to frequent and ongoing engagements. Read the story and listen to the interview.

Lewan stays connected with unique process framework

Staying plugged-in with clients is built in to the Lewan Technology process and creates a “success chain”. Read the story and listen to the interview.

MicroAge brings mindset of continuous involvement

By positioning themselves as an extension of the customer’s IT team, MicroAge helps customers get the most from deploying and using Microsoft solutions. Read the story and listen to the interview.

More resources to grow your revenue

For additional content that goes deeper into strategies and tools for growing your revenue, visit the three Revenue Growth Academy campaigns and the Revenue Growth Sell Guides campaign below. You’ll find prescriptive, how-to guidance that you can start using immediately.


Revenue Growth Academy: Class 1 – Expanded Selling

On-demand webinars covering expanded selling, maturity assessment and understanding the cloud buyer


Revenue Growth Academy: Class 2 - Onboarding

On-demand webinars covering adoption success planning, customer admin center, partner of record and cloud services dashboard


Revenue Growth Academy: Class 3 – Continuous Contact

On-demand webinars covering adoption success planning, maintaining continuous touchpoints, tracking customer satisfaction

Grow Revenue Growth Sell

Revenue Growth Sell Guides

Use these sell guides to prepare for cross-sell and upsell conversations with customers

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Strategies and best practices to increase your profitability

Profitability resources

Key resources for your profitability

Lean on Microsoft for resources to help you understand the key market trends that will help your business—and revenue—thrive.

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