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Grow FCP brainstorming

Adopt a new cloud solution

Join an upcoming webinar from StepUp Technical, a workshop series that provides in-depth guidance on starting and growing a Microsoft cloud practice.

Grow FCP azure

Modernize your marketing

Create new leads and prospects for your business with our Marketing SureStep digital marketing resources.

Grow FCP FirstLine

Grow revenue and profitability

Boost your revenue generating potential and loyalty with your existing customers and learn how to be more profitable.

Adopt a new cloud solution

Grow your practice with a new cloud solution offering

Grow StepUp Ladder

StepUp Technical Webinar Series for US SMB partners

Get step-by-step guidance to help you start and expand your Microsoft cloud practice and business opportunities. For technical leads, consultants, and BDMs, these webinars feature Microsoft experts who explore solutions in-depth to help your technical teams comprehend, adopt, and deploy new Microsoft cloud technologies. For questions, contact us at

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Modernize your marketing

Create new leads and prospects with our Marketing SureStep digital marketing resources

“Such an awesome workshop! Love all the workbooks, overall structure, and packed with useful and relevant tips all along the way.”

- Katie Mitchell, Tahoe Club 100 Training Center

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Welcome to Marketing SureStep

Marketing SureStep is a program designed to help partners improve their marketing skills.


Join our lunchtime Office Hours every Thursday

Attend our Office Hours at 12:30pm PST to discuss digital marketing resources and tips.

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Take a digital marketing workshop

Whether you need the basics or something more advanced, we have a workshop for you.

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Learn your #1 marketing moves

Whether you’re just starting out or are an experienced technical marketing, this guide will help.

Grow revenue and profitability

Increase your revenue potential and profitability by building customer loyalty

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Customer Lifetime Management Webinar Series

Explore the end-to-end customer post-sale journey covering propensity for the next logical purchase, renewals as retention, and usage to assure customer loyalty. Spot opportunities to increase your revenue by providing incremental project services and cross-selling or upselling solutions based on knowing what your customer needs.

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Partner growth success stories

Take a look at these case studies and listen to the interviews with these successful partners to get tips on growing your business with your existing customers.

"We have to maintain what we call a “touch-role.” We need to be in constant touch with customers, making sure we are delivering not only the right solution but also the right services and meeting their current and long-term needs.”

- Geno Cenci, National Practice Director, ePlus Technology, Inc.

ConvergeOne engages customers

Resources from Microsoft, a deep technical bench and keeping visibility into the customer through managed services helps ConvergeOne grow. Read the story and listen to the interview.

ePlus drives growth

Evolved from a traditional VAR to a technology integrator, staying in constant contact with customers drives company growth for ePlus. Read the story and listen to the interview.

iCorps keeps customers loyal

With actionable assessments and living roadmaps, iCorps walks with customers through their cloud transformation. Read the story and listen to the interview.

Kraft Kennedy knows law firms

By specializing in the legal vertical, Kraft Kennedy combines their industry knowledge and technical skills to build relationships that lead to frequent and ongoing engagements. Read the story and listen to the interview.

Lewan stays connected with unique process framework

Staying plugged-in with clients is built in to the Lewan Technology process and creates a “success chain”. Read the story and listen to the interview.

MicroAge brings mindset of continuous involvement

By positioning themselves as an extension of the customer’s IT team, MicroAge helps customers get the most from deploying and using Microsoft solutions. Read the story and listen to the interview.

More resources to grow your revenue and profitability

If you’re ready to go deeper into strategies for growing your revenue and increasing your profitability, these additional resources can help, providing prescriptive, how-to guidance you can start using immediately.

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Revenue Growth Academy and Expansion

On-demand webinars and content covering expanded selling, onboarding and continuous contact strategies and tools.

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Download RGA class 3
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Retention Sell Guides

Use these sell guides to prepare for cross-sell and upsell conversations with customers. Start with the Retention Action Guide for an overview.

Download the Retention Action Guide
Download the sell guides
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Profitability workshops and resources

Watch one of our popular webinars and review playbooks and partner opportunity resources to find new ways to increase your profitability.

Cloud Practice Development Workshop series
IP Staircase series
Understand the Digital Transformation Partner Opportunity
Develop a new Solution Practice with the Development Playbooks

More marketing resources for US SMB partners

Start at sales and marketing for an overview and then visit these other pages for more ways to plug into training, community and marketing resources.