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Welcome to Partner Play-in-a-Box

Play-in-a-Box: your framework for sales plays

Welcome to the Play-in-a-Box (PiB) page – the place where you can find the framework for building and executing sales plays mapped to priority plays – the top 10 Things –as well as solution areas and industry.

PiBs aligned to the Top 10 Things

  • Intelligent Cloud (Things 1-3)
  • Modern Workplace (Things 4-5)
  • Business Applications (Things 6-10)

The four solution-area PiBs for Modern Workplace, Apps & Infrastructure, Data & AI and Business Applications feature the top 10 Things, plus additional plays. The industry PiBs feature 8 key industry plays.

Each PiB provides you the tools you need to help your customers with their digital transformation outcomes - from the value proposition of each sales play, marketing assets, target scenarios, to information about investments and offers available to you and a lot more…all packaged in a simple, easy-to-use format.

And, for SMBs, the SMB Easy Play Buttons (formerly PiBs) provide 10 steps to help you kickstart your new cloud practice in a new streamlined format.

Anatomy of a Sales Play

What - Programmatic approach to monetize a ‘specific’ capability/scenario of a Solution Area

Why - Monetize the specific capability through a clear and targeted approach

How - Packaged assets and resources with connected support across Build-with/Go-to-Market/Sell-with

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