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In today's data-intensive environment, secure messaging is critical for the protection of a company's reputation and long-term sustainability. Cirius is a state-of-the-art encryption and message control solution that leads the market in reliability, simplicity, and feature-rich capabilities. Cirius enables regulated and nonregulated organizations to effectively protect, control, and manage the exchange of information long after the content has left the email outbox.

The Cirius Secure Messaging platform seamlessly integrates into Office 365, giving end users and administrators peace of mind when making the switch to cloud-based email. It provides a simple yet powerful encryption and message control tool that works directly within Outlook on any device. Securely send, receive, track, and control communications, including large file attachments up to 5 GB without overloading inboxes. Secure Messaging's patented "Delivery Slip" notifies users in real time when messages are received and read, and users can control whether recipients can reply to or forward messages. Users can also revoke messages sent in error even after they are opened.

Cirius enables users to manage encrypted messages alongside their basic email seamlessly in Office 365. Keeping users within their regular email to send secure messages ensures rapid adoption without training or complexity. In addition to Office 365 and Outlook, Secure Messaging rapidly integrates into existing data loss prevention (DLP) and archiving systems to automatically decrypt messages for regulatory compliance and e-discovery or provides full DLP functionality as needed.

Cirius is the most secure, simple way to share messages, files, and information workflows on any device. We make it easy for your business to:

  • Share information and improve productivity with efficient one-click encryption, large file transfer capabilities, secure e-signatures, APIs and secure web forms.
  • Track messages for automated, real-time visibility into email activity, such as when emails and attachments are opened, forwarded, etc.
  • Control whether messages can be forwarded or printed, set expiration dates and recall emails at any time.
  • Comply with regulations through data residency and jurisdiction of choice, encryption and data retention for e-discovery.
  • Authorize documents using Secure E-Signatures directly within email and other workflows.
  • Large file transfer capability allows you to quickly share large files up to 5GBs and have real-time knowledge of when and how the information was received.

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