RPost is an Outlook add-in that puts advanced email capabilities in the hands of any Microsoft Outlook or Office 365 user.

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RMail is an all-in-one email extension for security, compliance, and productivity, providing senders with simple-to-use email open tracking, certified e-delivery proof, email encryption, electronic signatures, large file transfers, and more. Powered by patented Registered Email™ technology, RMail returns a Registered Receipt™ record for every message sent, authenticating important details of the correspondence. RMail runs seamlessly within users' existing email platforms, including Microsoft Outlook, Office 365 Outlook Online web access, Gmail, and more. RMail users can send from any existing email address to any email recipient. No software, downloads, or links to click are required on the recipient’s end.

As organizations implement new software, they must ensure that their end users understand how to use it in order to fully realize ROI. By integrating Microsoft Office 365 and TeamFusion, employees can easily learn how to use and stay up to date with their new tools.

RMail allows email users to:

  • Track and certify important emails and know precisely when they're delivered and opened.
  • Prove email delivery, time of delivery, and exact content with a Registered Receipt™ email record that's automatically generated with every RMail message.
  • Easily encrypt sensitive emails and attachments for security or legal compliance.
  • Insert private notes visible only to cc'd/bcc'd recipients with the SideNote® option.
  • Accelerate legally-binding signoff on documents and agreements with our simple-to-use electronic signature feature.
  • Send documents and attachments up to 1GB with the LargeMail™ option.
  • Automatically convert documents to PDF while in route to recipient.

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