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Accelerate your business

Increase productivity, business value, and savings with your internal-use rights (IUR) benefits.

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Unlock your benefits

Boost your sales and services revenue and be more productive. Use the latest Microsoft technologies to run your business and train your staff. See how to unlock your IUR benefits as a Microsoft Action Pack or Competency Partner.

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Your competitive advantage

Close larger deals than partners who aren’t using their IUR benefits.

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Get more done

Boost your sales and marketing teams’ productivity and knowledge of the latest Microsoft cloud, hybrid, and on-premises software.

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Ensure your quality

Run tests and perform internal development on your solutions with the latest Microsoft technologies.

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Increase savings

Reduce your licensing costs for the software and tools you need for internal development, testing, and customer demos.

Support when you need it

Whether you’re starting a business or looking to grow your solution, our dedicated team of experts are ready to help you reach your goals. (Sign-in required)

Access your IURs

If you’re already a partner, review and download the software, keys, and licenses your business currently has available. (Sign-in required)

Find the right partnership with the right benefits

Drive active uses of Office 365

Increase your revenue and the level of service you provide customers by actively driving cloud solutions. Here’s how you can use Office 365 to enable your customers to accomplish more and get ahead of their competition.

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Work smarter

Get the benefits of a cloud-based email service and the robust capabilities of an on-premises deployment with Exchange Online.

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Inspire collaboration

Give your customers the ability to easily share documents with their colleagues and customers by using SharePoint Online.

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Start socializing

Create a successful and thriving social networking community with Yammer for your enterprise customers.

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Enable connections

Connect your customers’ teams while providing renowned enterprise security, compliance, and control with Skype for Business.

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