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Investments and incentives

Take advantage of financial and program opportunities focused on helping you expand your solutions and your business.

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Partner investments and incentives can help drive the technical and workplace innovations you need to advance your business and your customers’ digital transformation. Let’s build, innovate, and grow together to make more possible.

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Grow your business

Fuel your business growth with a variety of global programs, local offers to support market needs, and opportunities for reinvestment.

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Help customers solve problems

Expand your customer solutions with programs designed to drive digital transformation.

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Get rewarded for your success

Whether you’re driving consumption or adding customers, your efforts are supported and rewarded financially.

Let’s build, innovate, and grow together

Expand your business and get rewarded with Microsoft partner investments and incentives. Become a partner.

Maximize your earning opportunity with incentives and investments

Our partner incentives programs are designed to reward partners for participating in our ecosystem and collaborating with Microsoft to ensure customer needs are met. Learn how our programs complement partner business models to accelerate digital transformation.

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Incentive programs

Programs you might be interested in.

Enterprise incentives

Reward partners for driving strategic product adoption and supporting Enterprise customers in their journey to the cloud.

Cloud Solution Provider direct bill incentive

Reward direct bill partners for driving CSP revenue, adding customers, and selling strategic products.

CSP indirect provider incentive

Reward indirect providers for supporting indirect resellers and growing CSP program revenue.

CSP indirect reseller incentive

Reward CSP indirect resellers for driving customer activation and enablement of Microsoft online services.

Microsoft commerce incentive

Rewards partners who make a direct impact in delivering value-added services and influencing decisions across the customer lifecycle.

Online Services Advisor (OSA Sell)

Rewards partners for influencing new and existing customers to choose the Microsoft Dynamics cloud platform.

Online Service Usage—Microsoft 365 incentive

Reward partners for driving customer growth of usage on Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite.

SPLA reseller incentive

Reward SPLA resellers for supporting hosters through recruitment, onboarding, activation, reporting, and licensing compliance.

Hosting incentive

Reward partners for the promotion and deployment of the Microsoft platform through a third-party hosting scenario.

Commercial distributor incentive

Reward partners for driving open-license revenue through resellers.

Managed reseller incentive

Reward partners for driving Open License revenue specifically for strategic product workload solutions.

Online Services Usage—Business Application incentive

Reward partners for influencing and driving customers’ usage of Microsoft Dynamics online services and Power Platform.

CSP Indirect Reseller incentive

Rewards Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) indirect resellers for driving CSP revenue, adding customers, and selling strategic products.

Business applications workshops

Provides a rich set of investments to our partner community for driving specific , high-value workshops (pre- and-post sales) delivered by partners 1:1 to customers.

Mixed reality authorized device reseller incentive

Reward reseller partners for driving sales of mixed reality devices, accessories, and warranties to end customers.

Surface PC and Hub authorized device distributor

Reward eligible distributor partners for driving sales and expanding the Microsoft Surface PC and Surface Hub device channel.

Surface PC and Hub authorized device reseller

Reward partners for driving Microsoft Surface PC and Surface Hub revenue as well as accessory and warranty revenue.

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Explore your options in Partner Center

Enroll in the right incentive program to drive your company’s growth, innovation, and digital transformation.

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Explore the Channel Incentives Platform

Access the CHIP for the Enterprise, SPLAR, and Solution Assessment programs.

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Explore the Channel Incentives Platform (CHIP)

Access incentives in the CHIP for the Enterprise, SPLAR, Commercial Distributor, and Solution Assessment programs.

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Discover cooperative marketing funds

Get co-op fund information

Find out more about co-op funds and opportunities to reinvest in your business.

Access co-op fund resources

Get access to information and opportunities to reinvest in your business and your partnership with Microsoft to boost results.

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Access best practices to maximize results from your co-op fund activities.

Support and resources

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Partner incentives resources

Review these enrollment guides for details on how to access your incentives in Partner Center.

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Questions about incentives?

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