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Selling with Microsoft sellers

Our investment in hiring channel managers helps co-sell ready partners drive customer success.

The benefits of selling with Microsoft sellers


Channel manager support

Our channel managers work with Microsoft sales teams to identify partner opportunities and accelerate partner success.


Strong customer relationships

Benefit from deep, long-standing connections between Microsoft sellers and customers.


Technical expertise

Work closely with Microsoft technical teams to develop solutions that solve customer needs.


Partner ecosystem

Tap into the Microsoft global community to find and collaborate on opportunities with other partners.


Worldwide scale

Access a global network of experts who can help you enter new markets and customer opportunities.


Go-To-Market support

Leverage resources to help you prepare to co-sell and optimize lead generation.

Selling with Microsoft sellers: how it works

Working on joint deals with Microsoft sellers can happen in several ways. Below are some examples of how partners have successfully closed opportunities with Microsoft sellers.

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Partners engage sellers

The partner identifies a sales opportunity and brings in a Microsoft seller.

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Sellers engage partners

Microsoft sellers bring partners into an engagement or pass along a lead.

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Joint demand generation

Partners and Microsoft sellers uncover and develop a customer lead together.

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Expand to new markets

Microsoft assists partners in generating sales opportunities in new markets.

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Best practices for selling with Microsoft


Use relevant, industry-specific case studies

Access a library of ready-to-use examples that demonstrate how you can showcase your customers’ success stories.


Refine your target audience and messaging

Focus on a specific market segment, industry, or decision maker, and be relevant and meaningful for the targeted audience.


Use a balance of direct and indirect co-selling strategies

Successful GTM needs a clear direct co-sell strategy and partner ecosystem approach, including working through and with partners.


Build a joint value proposition

Equip Microsoft sellers with customer-facing materials and support that helps identify and manage customer opportunities.

sell alignment

Deep co-sell alignment

Learn about the Microsoft sales process, how our sales teams are structured, and how sellers engage in partner co-sell.

Co-sell success stories

Learn how eligible partners accelerated their businesses by co-selling with Microsoft.