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Data Migration

Take your customers’ businesses to the next level and unlock the true power of data, no matter where it is.

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Get guidance to connect with customers

Set up your profile, generate quality referrals, and accelerate your business growth with one-on-one advice and support from a dedicated cloud specialist.

Data platform products

Get flexible, easy-to-use products that grow your customers' businesses.

SQL Server

Get powerful performance and security with SQL Server 2017 on Windows, Linux, and Docker containers—giving customers the power of choice.

Azure SQL Database

Azure SQL Database gives you a cloud database service that provides engine compatibility. Migrate your SQL database to a new server without changing your apps.

Azure Cosmos DB

Azure Cosmos DB offers a database designed for mobile and web applications. It’s also a database as a service (DaaS), fully managed by Microsoft Azure.

Azure Databricks

Accelerate innovations by enabling data science with a high-performance analytics platform that’s optimized for Azure.

Azure SQL Data Warehouse

Azure SQL Data Warehouse is the industry's first enterprise-class data warehouse that can independently not only scale compute and store to improve data analytics.

Power Platform

Turn your big data into big insights, faster, with this suite of powerful business analytics tools. Create beautiful reports with ease.

Featured courses

Learn how to build a successful data migration solution and help your customers grow their businesses.

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Azure Data Factory

See how to leverage large-scale data stores into business advantage with simplicity and speed in this training series.

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Introduction to Azure SQL database

Explore the basics with core documentation on Azure SQL.

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Data Platform Online

Nurture and speed up the data platform sales cycle with guidance and real-world scenarios from this training series.

New courses

Learn new skills with new courses to develop your data migration approach.

Host Microsoft Azure Immersion workshops for your customers

Help your customers develop their skills and uncover business growth opportunities by hosting one-day workshops focused on specific Azure products and workflows. Using our ready-made collection of discipline-specific resources and tools, you can quickly and easily start hosting working sessions. Expand your value, drive demand for your solutions, and provide customers with the Azure expertise they’re looking for.

Technical journeys

Sharpen your skills with webinars focused on the technical side of your data migration practice.

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Technical Deep Dive on SQL Migration On-Premises

Understand how to use SQL Server for your data migration, leveraging advanced business intelligence.

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Technical Deep Dive on Data Migration to Azure

Leverage SQL Server and Azure Data Services for your Data Platform to give customers advanced, reliable business intelligence.

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Data & AI news

Stay up to date with the latest data migration news, including feature updates and releases.

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Intro to Power Platform

Learn how Power Platform and Cortana Intelligence Suite can help your customers use data to make better decisions, faster.

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Common scenarios for Power Platform

Dive deep into the preparation and planning needed for Power Platform data sources.

Advanced data migration training

The more you learn, the more your customers learn. These courses will expand your expertise in building a data migration solution.

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Business analytics

Get detailed guidance to help you analyze and visualize your data.

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From basic components to in-depth architecture, learn the skills you need to develop IoT solutions on Azure.

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Data platform apps

Learn about Azure SQL, data migration, security, advanced data processing, and more.

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Modern data warehouse and big data

Discover how to design big data solutions with resources including Azure Data Lake.

SMB technical training: 
Microsoft Azure SQL Database

Learn how you can maximize your ROI by modernizing your customers’ data estates. Help them move SQL Server on-prem services to Azure for a fully managed service.

Grow your SMB data platform solutions

Stay up to date

Join the SMB Partner Insider Community—and sign up for monthly community calls—to get exclusive insights and SMB tips.

Build your data and AI expertise

Visit the Data & AI Technical Community on Yammer for information to help you extend your data solutions.

Develop profitable strategies

Get ahead with valuable resources, from training to sales tools, to help you build and deliver profitable data management offerings.

More SMB: Start upgrade discussions

As SQL Server 2008 reaches end of support, share an informative video with your customers about upgrading their data platform to ensure security and compliance.

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Next steps: build an Artificial Intelligence practice

Data makes AI smarter. See what AI is doing for businesses like yours.

Learn about AI
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Get involved in the community

Connect with other partners in the Microsoft Partner Community: talk business technology, get inspiration, share knowledge and insights, learn about opportunities, and more.

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