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Business Applications

Move forward in your ability to create intelligent applications for your customers with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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What’s new in Microsoft Dynamics 365

Sign up for webcast sessions to stay up to date on the latest features and developments in business applications. No matter where you are in deploying cloud applications, get tailored guidance to help strengthen your practice.

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Dynamics 365 Starter Kit Consultations

Develop your skills and understanding of business applications through a one-on-one technical consultation with a Microsoft expert to prepare to sell and deploy innovation solutions. Sign in to request (Microsoft Action Pack subscription or higher required).

Developing cloud applications for businesses

Are you interested in making a line-of-business application? Learn how to do it easily with Dynamics 365 or Microsoft Power Platform.

Strengthen your Business Applications practice

Develop your ability to create powerful solutions that drive digital transformation and reinforce relationships with your customers. Expand your knowledge and skills with training courses and expert resource documentation—and succeed in growing your practice.

Scalable Business Management (SMB) application training

Help your customers implement all-in-one business management solutions that let them easily connect financials, sales, service, and operations to make smarter decisions. This cloud-based, end-to-end solution broadens organizational visibility with built-in intelligence like Power Platform dashboards and customized reports with Microsoft Excel integration. Discover more through our curriculum and resources to get ready for the next step in your practice.

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Customer Service application training

Create service offerings that help clients engage with customers on any channel or device, guide agents to the right actions to create fast, personalized service, and gain insights from every customer interaction. Utilize powerful artificial intelligence and analytics, as well as social listening and prioritized customer engagement to build trusted relationships. View the curriculum and learning resources to prepare to launch your practice.

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Field Service application training

Streamline clients’ field service operations by empowering their customers and technicians with real-time data. Use internet of things (IoT) integration and industry expertise to create solutions that proactively detect, troubleshoot, and resolve issues, improving profitability and efficiency. View the curated curriculum and extended resources to learn more and get ready for the next step in expanding your practice.

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Finance and Operations application training

Deliver solutions that help customers achieve real-time visibility of financials and operations to make faster, data-driven decisions at a global scale. Drive business growth and digital transformation with predictive analytics and machine learning, along with Microsoft integration with Office 365, Power BI, and industry solutions. Discover the full range of features through curated courses and learning resources and prepare to launch your practice.

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Marketing application training

Help customers create applications to manage personalized marketing campaigns and gain insights into marketing effectiveness. Improve ROI with embedded intelligence and analytics to track campaign performance in real time. Utilize the combined capabilities of Power Platform and Office 365, automated workflows, and dynamic segmentation to drive innovation. Dive into the curriculum and view learning resources to take your practice to the next level.

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PowerApps application training

Give customers the competitive edge with PowerApps—a powerful point-and-click approach to app building, making it easier to customize and extend Dynamics 365 and Office 365, and build innovative applications. Unify data from multiple sources to create interactive, immersive dashboards and reports that provide actionable insights and drive business results. Get started with curated courses and training.

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Retail application training

Optimize customers’ retail operations with intelligent business insights, integrated supply chain management, and strengthened strategic planning and merchandising. Streamline user experience through deep integration with Office 365 and the ability to connect to retail and point-of-sale (POS) apps and services, as well as enterprise resource planning (ERP) and financial systems. Learn more through curated courses and training to get ready to launch.

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Sales application training

Help customers prioritize their sales pipeline and accelerate success with real-time analytics and predictive modeling. Develop expertise in Microsoft Office 365 and LinkedIn integration to create adaptable, scalable solutions that drive innovation and connect to other seller apps and services customers already use. Check out the courses and training resources to learn more about the robust functionality and move your business forward.

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Talent application training

Empower customers to apply talent insights to innovate recruiting and foster employee excellence. Develop a high-performance experience across the entire employee lifecycle, and drive innovation by connecting to LinkedIn and other recruiting and employee development tools. Discover the full functionality in the curated curriculum and learning resources to prepare for the next step in your practice.

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Develop key technical capabilities

Connect with our team of Microsoft partner technical consultants to help you accelerate technical capabilities for the real-world scenarios you encounter when building solutions.

Staff your Business Applications practice for success

It's critical to have the right people to help you succeed with your Business Applications practice. These are the key roles we recommend.

Sales and Marketing

Brings the solution to market, develops lead-generation activities to create a sales pipeline, and makes the first contact with the potential customer.

Presales Consultant

Helps the customer envision the solution based on business requirements and advises on business process transformation.

Functional Consultant

Works at the core of configuring and implementing the system, understanding industry business processes and products equally well.

Solution Architect

Sets high-level direction and implementation blueprint and is brought in at key milestones—often a former functional consultant.


Brought in if third-party system extensions are needed or coding is required. Role typically requires at least five years of experience.

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Develop SMB solutions

Deliver customized application solutions to small-to-midmarket business (SMB) customers, helping them grow while expanding your revenue opportunities. Learn from the SMB experience of other partners by joining the SMB Partner Insider Community and signing up for the monthly community calls.

Get training to extend your SMB offerings

“Ready to Go” learning

Check out the most up-to-date Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central training for various organizational roles.

Sales demo resources

Learn to demo Dynamics 365 for Sales like a pro and access tools to reduce costs and support your go-to-market strategy.

Marketing setup

Help customers first use Dynamics 365 for Marketing, including setup and basic integration with LinkedIn and other apps.

Product updates

Get in-depth details about important changes and enhancements to Dynamics 365 for Customer Service.

Stay on the cutting edge

Dynamics 365 news and trends

Find out what’s new with Dynamics 365 and keep up to date on features, trainings, sales tips, and more to expand your SMB solutions and drive business innovation.

Launch SMB solutions

Get the tools you need to convey the value of your solutions to customers and successfully launch your Dynamics 365 solutions in the SMB market.

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Engage with the partner community

Join the conversation on the online Microsoft Partner Community to share your expertise, ask questions, and take advantage of global partner support.

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Learn everything you need to launch your next big idea with Dynamics 365 business applications.