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Business Applications

Empower your customers to unlock growth in their businesses with Dynamics 365.

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Get the Business Applications playbook

Get the essential guide to building and selling LOB solutions and discover new ways to grow your business.

Start training

Find role-based training for any Dynamics 365 workload.

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See the interactive training available for your employees who deliver Dynamics 365 sales solutions.

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Browse the training available for functional consultants implementing innovative marketing solutions.

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Check out the training available to functional consultants who deliver customer service and field service solutions.

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See the interactive training available for delivering manufacturing and supply chain management solutions.

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Revolutionize financial management for your customers with insights and tools that decrease operational expenses and make everything simpler.

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Create friction-free shopping experiences by unifying your physical and digital commerce and personalizing customer engagement.

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Streamline HR processes for your customers to take the work out of managing their workforce and empower their employees.

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Power Platform

Build innovative applications for your customers’ businesses in hours rather than months.

Register for the Business Applications training calls

Join the monthly US partner training calls to get more information and resources about how to build and sustain a profitable Business Applications practice.

Expand your Dynamics 365 licensing knowledge

Join the licensing updates call on the fourth Wednesday each month for the new Dynamics Corner segment, running through December 2020. We’ll guide you through detailed licensing scenarios to help you understand the best solutions for your customers. For self-paced training modules visit Get Licensing Ready.

Partner resources for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs)

We’re here to help our partners of any size forge ahead with powerful Business Applications. View a hub of content compiled with SMBs in mind.

Your solution is unique—and so are the resources to help you build it

Solution Workspace is a home base for building solutions and achieving marketplace success. Find personalized resources to get you to market with strong results by joining the Partner Network.

What’s new with Business Applications

Stay up to date on what’s new and relevant to you.

Virtual launch event

Experience the new capabilities and features of Dynamics 365 and the Microsoft Power Platform.

Product release series

Each session provides an overview of key updates in Dynamics 365 as well as an opportunity to ask questions of the team.

Technical sessions

Take a deeper look into recent Business Applications updates through a series of sessions led by Dynamics 365 experts.

Find readiness events

Check out these new events to get valuable connections and knowledge you can take back to your business.

Engage with the partner community

Join the conversation on the Microsoft Partner Community to share your expertise, ask questions, and take advantage of global partner support.

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