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Business Applications for ISVs

Help your customers evolve with the line-of-business applications built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform.

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The opportunity

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Develop your app

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Publish your app

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Market your app

Publishing your business application

Get your app in front of a global audience on AppSource, the Microsoft marketplace dedicated to business applications. Here’s a quick look at the steps you should follow to reach more customers and close more sales.

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1. Learn the requirements

Get started by reviewing the artifacts, process, and level of quality required to publish on AppSource.

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2. Self-check your app

Use our app checker and other tools to ensure code quality prior to submitting your solution for publication.

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3. Submit to Microsoft

When you’ve met all the requirements, submit your app to Microsoft for approval and listing. Take a closer look at the steps and timelines.

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4. Code quality and security review

We thoroughly review your code for security and functionality compliance with the platform. Learn more about the app review process.

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5. Sign agreements

Make sure you’ve signed the Microsoft Publisher Agreement and all documents for other approved partner programs.

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6. Review marketing content

Review your marketing content before publishing your app to make sure it’s optimized for driving leads.

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7. Submit your app on Cloud Partner Portal

Submit your certified application on Cloud Partner Portal to publish it on AppSource and begin selling.

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8. Maintain your solution

Maintain, update, and recertify your application as needed to comply with our latest code quality and security framework.

Consult a marketplace expert

During a personalized consultation, a Microsoft Marketplace expert will make custom recommendations to help you understand the process of publishing and marketing your application to generate new revenue streams.