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A portfolio of go-to-market resources

Become a Microsoft partner and access a library of go-to-market resources, offers, and programs, from co-branded content to solution-specific sales collateral.

The marketing tools that are right for you

Microsoft Partner Network members get access to resources including training guides, global expansion tools, and ready-made and customizable content that’s easy to implement across all your channels. Explore our library of tools to expand your reach and connect with customers today.

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Digital marketing content on demand

Access always-on digital marketing content in fresh weekly campaigns. Generate demand and connect with customers through social media, company blogs, and email.

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Partner marketing center

Whether you’re developing your marketing material from scratch or enhancing existing content, access sales and marketing assets including pitch decks, presentations, pre-written emails, and more in one comprehensive content library.

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Smart partner marketing

Develop your marketing skills with training, the latest industry research, market trends, partner best-practices, and more.

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Partner branding resources

Learn how to develop a strong brand with partner branding resources.

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Geo expansion readiness assessment

Use this assessment as the starting point for your expansion strategy to prepare for international growth.

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Partner-to-partner readiness assessment

Determine your eligibility to connect with other businesses in the Microsoft Partner Network and expand your reach.

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Become a partner and access your marketing toolkit

Becoming a member of the Microsoft Partner Network gives you the resources, programs,offers, and support to strengthen your go-to-market approach. Learn more today.