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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Discover the best ways to build AI into your business.

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Grow your practice


Featured products

Find out how intelligent automation reduces costs, increases sales, and allows customers to focus on innovation.

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Azure Cognitive Services

Start here to give your products powerful new abilities with these free prebuilt APIs.

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Azure Bot Service

Next, learn how to use conversational agents to transform your business.

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Machine learning

Finally, see how AI is transforming industries with smarter, more agile methods.

Featured courses

Take advantage of these popular courses and learn how to build a successful AI practice that grows your customers’ businesses.

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Cognitive services

Begin by better understanding capabilities of AI optical character recognition and image classification.

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Introduction to bots

Next, learn how bots create personalized, real-time customer experiences.

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Machine learning principles

Progress to a Microsoft edX course explaining key concepts of machine learning with lectures and practical, hands-on experience.

Most recent AI training courses

Check out these courses to learn more about what goes into developing an Artificial Intelligence practice.

Advanced training

Ready to enhance your AI expertise? These courses can help you achieve the skills you need to be successful.

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Cognitive services

Check out these technical trainings to better understand capabilities of AI optical character recognition and image classification.

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Bot framework

Find out how to build, connect, deploy, and manage intelligent bots to naturally interact with customers.

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Machine learning

Explore advanced trainings to help you build deep neural networks for object detection and image-recognition.

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Try Cognitive Services for free

Use these APIs to give your app the ability to see, speak, communicate, and understand.

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Team data science process lifecycle

Follow this recommended lifecycle to structure your data-science projects. Learn the steps—from start to finish—and deploy with your intelligent applications.

Business understanding

Identify business problems and data sources to define project objectives.

Data acquisition and understanding

Consolidate and parse data, then set up a pipeline to process and evaluate new data inputs.


Create data features and set up testable success metrics to determine your model’s viability.


Deploy high-performing models for other applications to seamlessly operationalize.

Customer acceptance

Validate deployment model and deliver to the customer team for production.

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AI blog

Get the latest news and information about Microsoft AI.

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Connect with partners who have expertise in adding business applications to their practices.

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