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Now more than ever, teamwork drives innovation. Help your customers transform workforces into high-performing teams.

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A universal toolkit for collaboration

Microsoft 365 was designed to foster transparency, conversation, and a strong sense of purpose across teams.

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A hub for questions, information, and inspiration. Features chat and calls, with Office 365 apps built right in.

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Essential email and calendar. Upgrade a distribution list to a group inbox, create a shared calendar for your group, and more.

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Create a company intranet, customize a team site to automate document workflows, and work together on files with OneDrive.

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Office apps

With co-authoring, you can work together in real time, see who’s in the file with you, and track changes with version history.

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Foster communication between leadership and employees, create communities around common interests, initiatives, and more.

Most popular courses

Take advantage of these popular courses to help your customers build successful Collaboration practices.

Start your technical journey

Build technical capabilities to develop your Collaboration practice through interactive technical webinars and one-on-one consultations.

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Introduction to Project Online

Create and manage projects and resources from a centralized location.

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Introduction to SharePoint Online

A six-part technical training series.

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Adopting Microsoft Teams

Activate and enable Microsoft Teams for your customer organizations.

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What’s new in Office 365

Get an in-depth look at the newest features.

Advanced training

Prepare employees with the technical capabilities they’ll need to achieve these helpful competencies.

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Collaboration and content

Receive SharePoint training, internal-use software, and more.

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Cloud productivity

Become a proven cloud solution provider for your customers.

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Access Skype for Business learning paths to help your team optimize deployments.

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Join the community

Connect with partners who have expertise in adding business applications to their practices.

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