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Imagine you’re ten years old.

Sitting in a hot classroom overflowing with students in the Arabian desert. Your teacher stands before a blackboard, trying in vain to deliver a science lesson. Your mind flutters about. You think about the touchscreen you have at home. So bright. So shiny. So interactive.

Meanwhile, the teacher is scratching a diagram of who knows what. Chalk scrapes across the slate as dust settles below. You stare unfazed, and begin silently counting down the minutes until the bell goes off.

This was the situation students faced all around the United Arab Emirates (UAE). But in 2010, its rulers decided to make developing education a top national priority. Their first priority was equipping each school with smart systems and devices.

It was a move that would transform the educational experience.

And good news for students who–like others around the world–already turned to technology for almost everything in their day-to-day lives.

The result was the Connected Learning Gateway (CLG), developed by ITWORX Education. This social learning management system uses several Microsoft products to make learning more engaging and exciting for students.

The tool presented resources and information the way the students were used to engaging with the world, rather than trying to force them to conform to old ways of learning.

The results were a positive change for students and teachers alike.

94% of students thought e-learning improved their interaction with teachers. 50% of students said it helped in completing homework. 88% felt it enhanced communication between their teachers and peers.

Much of its success is due to the introduction of content management, wikis, blogs, and discussion boards.

Now it’s hard to miss the buzzing sense of excitement in UAE classrooms, just like this one, where the teacher asks “Do you like technology?” and students scream in reply, “Yes!”

Beyond Arabia.

But ITWORX Education has been successful in more than just the UAE. It partnered with Oppad to roll out CLG across Norway. Now the Eide and Nordfjord districts both enjoy engaging multilingual web-based social e-learning environments. In all, 482 pupils, 57 teachers, and 750 parents in Eide now use CLG.

482 pupils, 57 teachers, and 750 parents in Eide now use CLG

So, by replacing old-fashioned techniques with a more social and collaborative digital system, the UAE is well on its way to achieving its lofty educational transformation. Students now enjoy education that fits the ways they learn best. Which means more shiny screens, and fewer dusty chalkboards.

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The CLG’s engaging and multilingual social learning platform is intuitive for teachers, attractive for students, and inviting for parents.

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