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Open up and say Ahh-zure

Australian dental company’s innovation might be the key to mobilizing patient records

No tooth is an island.

All 32 of them have to work together to get something done. And if one is sore, the whole operation is shot.

In Australia’s Dental Corporation, their dental offices are kind of like teeth. And like a good mouth, they need a structure to help them work together.

In the past few years, the organization has acquired 220 dental practices. Unfortunately, that also meant acquiring 220 different systems of account management. That made looking at their company as a whole practically impossible. Was there no relief?

Turning a sore tooth into gold.

So Dental Corporation, a BUPA Company, engaged Breeze, a Sydney-based shop that specializes in using the cloud to solve complex challenges. Together, they created a way to help the company get the data they needed from practices, without making every dentist learn new programs.

"I wanted something that could take data from existing practices without disruption, and then turn it into standard formats that could be understood by our databases," says Kellie King, Executive Manager at Dental Corporation.

Smile! You are in the cloud.

Breeze created a hybrid cloud with Microsoft Azure that extracts data without messing up existing systems. The new application runs in the background, so dentists don't even know it's there.

Users can look into data from down at the individual practice level all the way to a wide-angle company lens. It all works on a single touch point, too. It's like looking at practices with an X-Ray.

Putting patients on wheels.

This new system has way more potential than letting one dental company view data across offices. It might be able to transform healthcare itself.

(That would be a lot of happy teeth.)

Over the past few decades, one of the biggest hurdles in healthcare has been finding a way to transfer health records between healthcare providers.

Breeze's solution has the potential to let patients' records follow them between doctors, consultants, hospital admissions, and therapists. It's a solution that can be put in practice anywhere.

With the right technology, business are changing the way they communicate

Now one part of healthcare always knows what the other is doing.

"We have built a solution that doesn't just reach into each practice, it goes all the way to the patient," says King. "A patient can visit any of our practices and the dentist will have instant access to all relevant information. The usefulness of this data is the limits of your imagination."

Making dentistry a breeze.

With its limitless potential, the new system created by Dental Corporation and Breeze can truly revolutionize healthcare. Dentists can focus more on teeth and less on paper work, and patients can keep their chompers healthy no matter where they roam. Now that offices are connected and working together, the future of Australian dentistry looks brighter than a mouth full of pearly whites. Ones like their patients will be enjoying for years to come.
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Breeze devised a fundamentally new approach to creating common electronic health records.

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