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Learn about the latest news and announcements from Microsoft Surface.


What’s new

As organizations navigate the right approach for their people and cultures, a hybrid workplace model is emerging. This means enabling collaboration and empowering employees with the right tools, all while keeping data highly secure. The right technology can not only help maintain business continuity and productivity, but also drive innovation and growth. Recently we announced the new Surface Laptop 4 and Surface Headphones 2+ —both built with forward-thinking technology to help organizations drive business forward with hybrid work.

Product news

Surface Laptop 4

Surface Laptop 4

Get it done with more multitasking power and up to 70% more speed than before, longer battery life, and sleek, ultrathin design in a lightweight business laptop.

Surface Headphones2 Plus

Surface Headphones 2+

Empower your team with work headphones that keep them connected and productive with immersive, high-quality Microsoft Teams calls and distraction-free focus.

Surface accessories

Accessories certified for Microsoft Teams

Empower your teams with great meetings experiences with accessories certified for Microsoft Teams.

Surface Pro 7+ angled

Surface Pro 7+

Work uninterrupted and do it your way with our classic, ultra-light 2-in-1 for business. With 2.1 times faster performance and improved all-day battery life, nothing stops you from getting it all done.

Hub 2S 85 front view

Surface Hub 2S 85”

Now more than ever, our customers need great meeting and collaboration tools to enable businesses to move forward in the new hybrid workplace. Surface Hub 2S 85” brings everyone together wherever they work.

Surface Duo in book mode

Surface Duo

Surface Duo is a dual screen device that transforms the productivity we get from working across two screens - creating a new way to get things done. Now, your customers can work however, whenever and wherever they want.

Surface devices in silver

Selling the Surface for Business Portfolio

This presentation introduces the portfolio of devices, latest programs and offers.

Technical Readiness

Surface Laptop 4 is designed to provide commercial customers with a rich set of device options to help decision makers better align device procurement goals with increasingly specific role requirements. Learn more about the processor tech specs and choice of SKUs based on customer priorities.

Now certified for Microsoft Teams with the included dongle, Surface Headphones 2+ meet audio/video specification standards while in use with Teams software to ensure a high-quality call experience. Learn more about Surface Headphones 2+ with Microsoft 365, updating the firmware, tech specs, and replacement parts.

Surface Laptop 4 Surface Laptop 4

Seller Readiness

Read the Surface LTE summary to learn key differences between LTE-enabled Surface devices. Learn key differences between Surface Laptop for Business device options. These assets are not to be shared with customers.
Surface Pro 7 alone on desk with hero screen


Explore assets to help showcase Surface on your website including recently updated syndicated Surface landing pages and a design comp to serve as inspiration to design your own landing page. Some localized syndicated landing pages are available.

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New assets are added every month to the product and contextual social post collections. Use the how-to guide to learn how to add your logo and find assets and copy to build social posts.

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Customer Stories

New customer stories are added every month providing a wide variety of case studies, quotes, and videos. Filter by language, industry, product, organization size, and region to find customer stories to use in your marketing.

Demos and videos

Take a tour from Microsoft Mechanics to get an inside look of the design and internals of Surface Laptop 4, Surface Pro 7+ and Surface Hub 2S 85”. Looking for assets to help you deliver demos to customers or at an event? We have demo guides, videos and assets available on the Customer Digital Experiences (CDX) site.

Surface Hub 2S on roaming stand

Imagery and videos

Explore the latest Surface images and video assets for your marketing needs.
Surface Laptop 4 Surface Laptop 4 Surface Laptop 4

3D and motion graphics

Explore new assets for Surface Laptop and Surface Duo.
Surface Laptop 4 Surface Laptop 4 Surface Laptop 4

Sizzle videos

Download new sizzle video for Surface Laptop 4.
People with masks in small business using Surface devices People with masks in small business using Surface devices People with masks in small business using Surface devices


New imagery is available showing how organizations are redefining how they work during the COVID pandemic across restaurants, small businesses, and manufacturing.

FY21 Marketing Plays

Learn about the FY21 Surface marketing themes and explore digital marketing assets.

Surface pro X

Surface Security

Learn how today's workplace needs an integrated security solution.

Person using Surface pen on Surface Pro X

The Hybrid Workplace

New assets are available to inform customers of how Microsoft Surface can solve the problems that arise with disparate teams to help them stay productive, collaborate, and find new ways to work in this ever-changing work environment.

Person working on Surface Book 3

Surface Business Value

Show customers how they can save time, stay secure, and find more value with modern devices from Microsoft Surface.

Young students working at home on Surface Go Young students working at home on Surface Go


Learn more about the Surface for Education portfolio and our newest additions - Surface Pro 7+ and Microsoft Classroom Pen 2!

Designed for Surface

The Designed for Surface team manages third party Partners who create accessories designed to enhance the Surface experience, create choice and provide solutions for our end-users. Obtaining DfS certification demonstrates successful completion of one of the most rigorous testing and validation processes in the industry.

Designed for Surface offers a wide variety of products to help make working and learning from home more enjoyable. Moshi's USB-C to DisplayPort Cable  allows users to easily connect their Surface devices to a 5K DisplayPort monitor to enjoy crystal-clear, blur-free video, as well as multi-channel digital surround sound. PanzerGlass's Spray Twice a Day  is a screen cleaner solution for all types of tech screens, such as laptops, two-in-ones, and monitors.

For those professionals and students venturing out of the house, there’s no better way to keep your bigger accessories from becoming an even bigger mess by using STM's Dapper Wrapper  and UAG's Metropolis Series Case for Surface Pro , which provides 360-degree protection with a sleek, modern design.

Explore catalog

Electric lift mobile stand

Mobile Stand from Salamander Designs

Discover new electric lift, mobile stands from Salamander Designs. This ADA compliant mobile stand integrates seamlessly Microsoft Surface Hub 2S 50”.

Pro keyboard

Pro keyboard from Brydge Technologies

The Brydge 12.3 Pro+ wireless keyboard fits the Surface Pro 4, 5, 6, and 7. Every element has been engineered to work seamlessly with the Surface Pro to deliver an unparalleled experience.

Go keyboard

Go keyboard from Brydge Technologies

The Brydge 10.5 Go+ wireless keyboard fits the Surface Go and Go 2. Connected by Bluetooth and with battery life up to three months, this keyboard is perfect for professionals on the go.

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