Security, Compliance, & Identity Partner Sales Acceleration Program (PSAP)

Last Modified 2022-07-28

In a crowded market, partners are looking for a way to increase sales, differentiate their solutions and services, and earn a win at the end of the sales engagement. Most enterprise sales engagements include a security component, whether it's governing the company's data estate, a secure remote work plan, or threat protection. Microsoft's Zero Trust strategy is embedded in its products and services, making it a compelling choice for enterprise customers. This program offers best practices and presentation resources that will guide you in shaping a business-first sales model that focuses on the Microsoft Security, Compliance, & Identity solution area and its core sales plays.

In this Security, Compliance, & Identity Partner Sales Acceleration Program (PSAP), you'll have access to sales assets and video guidance on how best to use these in enterprise sales engagements. This program will help you navigate the six "moments that matter" conversations with various decision makers who will ultimately select the company to implement their solution.

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