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Cloud 9 Infosystems case study

Azure Rights Management enhances document control at the Navnit Group

A document ecosystem in need of updating

The Navnit Group needed to improve its document management, protect its enterprise assets, and track file access.

Managing data protection with Microsoft Azure

Working with Microsoft partner Cloud 9 Infosystems, the Navnit Group implemented Microsoft Azure Rights Management.

Improved control and security for documents and files

The Navnit Group now has complete control over its enterprise data assets even when they leave their organizational boundaries.

Cloud 9 Infosystems digitally transforms businesses to reduce costs by leveraging the extensibility of the cloud

Cloud 9 Infosystems is a Microsoft gold partner and Tier 1 cloud solution provider for data analytics, cloud platform, application development, and application integration. The full-service firm headquartered in Downers Grove, Illinois, helps businesses harness the power of cloud computing to reduce their operational costs. In 2017, Microsoft named Cloud 9 Infosystems the US SMB Rising Star Mid West Partner of the Year.

The Navnit Group is a Mumbai, India-based network of businesses spanning the automotive, infrastructure, marine, adventure sports, aviation, and financial services sectors.

As part of its consulting services, Cloud 9 Infosystems offers a two-week engagement to integrate Office 365, Microsoft Entra ID, Azure Rights Management, and Azure Monitor Log Analytics in clients' environments.

Bringing the Navnit Group into a new era of file management and governance

At the Navnit Group, business-critical documents were not protected and could be accessed by every subvendor or external user. Documents such as the annual operations plan and the authorization chart were meant only for specific vendors of each subsidiary company to access. If a document was created, there was no way to track who had viewed the file, and employees could view documents from other departments.

Cloud 9 Infosystems instituted Azure Rights Management to prevent access by unauthorized users. Through encryption, identity, and authorization policies, Azure Rights Management secures files and email, protecting information even when it leaves an organization’s boundaries. Cloud 9 Infosystems also integrated Microsoft Entra ID, Office 365, and Azure Monitor Log Analytics. Cloud 9 Infosystems set up Microsoft Entra Connect to minimize user group management operations for Azure Rights Management. Microsoft Entra Connect sync provides automatic synchronization and allows the Navnit Group to manage just its on-premises Active Directory instance.

These installations have enabled the Navnit Group to protect Office documents, PDF files, and images at the time of creation or modification. The company can now protect files based on the department, the level of document sensitivity, or the user rights. The information technology department can track file access and remotely revoke access if needed. Azure Rights Management’s disclaimer and watermark policies allow users to protect confidential documents, and its read-only policies prevent downloading, printing, snipping, or screen sharing. The Navnit Group now has complete control over its enterprise data assets.

“With the help of Cloud 9’s expertise, we switched to Microsoft Azure Rights Management, which provides us both a smooth flow of information within and outside of the organization and full protection of our sensitive information.”

—Avid Khan, Information Technology Head, Navnit Group

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