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BioCatch collaborates with Microsoft on global and regional levels

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Azure-powered biometrics

Tel Aviv-based cybersecurity company BioCatch has worked with Microsoft since inception in 2011, and has grown their solution and business capabilities through the partnership. BioCatch currently monitors over four billion transactions per month and relies on Microsoft Azure to help power its full suite of behavioral biometric-based capabilities. “Microsoft Azure has given our technology teams the ability to create, iterate, and rework our platform to fit the specific needs of our varied customers around the world, and will continue to play an increasingly important role for BioCatch as we build out our capabilities,” says Dekel Shavit, Vice President of Operations at BioCatch.

BioCatch has been working very closely with Microsoft over the past year and have achieved several key wins in multiple regions, including Latin America and EMEA, that will serve to accelerate our growth.

- Frances Zelazny, Vice President of Marketing, BioCatch

Quantifiable impact

Frances Zelazny, Vice President of Marketing at BioCatch, said that technical integration is just one aspect of the company’s collaborative relationship with Microsoft. “We benefit from working with Microsoft resources across the board, from marketing, sales and account teams, and technical teams to help architect solutions and create an offering that will make sense to the customer,” she said.

According to Zelazny, BioCatch has been seeing positive results from working with Microsoft. “BioCatch has been working very closely with Microsoft over the past year and has seen quantifiable impact on our pipeline and revenue growth prospects,” she said. “We have collaborated on a global level as well as on a regional level, working with local teams to expand our presence in key markets. Initiatives include joint customer presentations, telesales efforts, local events and executive dinners, joint trade show participation, sales enablement and training, creation of joint marketing collaterals, and more. As a result, we are seeing key customer wins in multiple regions that will serve to accelerate our growth.”

Effective and efficient collaboration

Co-selling with Microsoft has been particularly fruitful over the past year, Zelazny said. “The co-sell team at Microsoft supports our efforts and works collaboratively with us to bring us into various opportunities, as well as to help us on initiatives that we are working on,” she said. “By working with the co-sell leads in each region, we also get to know the account teams, which makes our partnership more effective and efficient.”

Zelazny said there had been several situations where BioCatch worked together with the Microsoft sales team to win business. "Some recent examples include onboarding a new banking customer in Latin America, who needed an incentive for accelerating a pilot; a customer in Australia who asked for assistance in identifying a local partner to implement the solution; to supporting executive dinner events where key customers were invited and the exposure led to an agreement to move forward with a pilot,” she said.

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