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Quadrotech Case Study

Quadrotech migrates customer’s email workload to the cloud.

Quadrotech enables fast and effective cloud transformations

Quadrotech uses its expertise in mail migration to save customers’ money by moving away from on-premise systems.

130 terabytes to move

An American cosmetics manufacturing and marketing giant had 130 TB of email data on-premise to migrate to Exchange Online.

A successful transformation

Quadrotech used its Archive Shuttle solution to quickly migrate the customer’s archived data to the cloud

Immediate savings

Once fully migrated, the customer is projected to save about USD2.2 million over the next three years

Quadrotech background

Founded in 2011 and headquartered in Zug, Switzerland, Quadrotech has teams located around the world committed to delivering fast and compliant email migration projects of all sizes. In the past two years alone, Quadrotech has migrated over 11.6 petabytes of data and almost 4.7 million mailboxes.

Quadrotech has expanded its services to extend beyond email migrations by providing reporting, analytics and auditing tools to extend the value of Office 365. With a suite of over 100 reports covering all major Office 365 services, these reporting solutions provide customers the insight they need to control their Office 365 environment at a global scale.

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130 terabytes of problems

An American cosmetics manufacturing and marketing giant had nearly 50 thousand employees and brought in more than USD11 billion in revenue in 2017 alone. Looking to move its email workloads to the cloud, this company had already started the migration effort with its primary partner who managed its on-premise exchange environments.

But there was one problem: the firm had 130 TB of email data on-premise in Enterprise Vault—an enterprise archiving solution provided by Veritas. Working against a tight timeline, the team knew that it needed a partner who was intimately familiar with Enterprise Vault and equipped with the tools to quickly migrate its data to Exchange Online. Working with Microsoft and the partner in place, the customer reached out to Quadrotech for help.

“One of our core technologies, Archive Shuttle, was developed to migrate legacy email archive data to different target locations—the most popular of these being Office 365.”

— Adam Feher, Director of Sales, Quadrotech

Enacting a cloud transformation

Quadrotech was the ideal partner to help address the cosmetic company’s on-premise data problems. Quadrotech has extensive experience moving Enterprise Vault data to cloud environments, and had the tools in place to meet its customer’s aggressive timelines.

“One of our core technologies, Archive Shuttle, was developed to migrate legacy email archive data to different target locations—the most popular of these being Office 365. We also have our own cloud environment that we can leverage to get migrations going quickly and minimize the hardware that the customer needs to provision,” said Adam Feher, Director of Sales, Quadrotech.

While working against a tight timeline, the cosmetics manufacturer also needed to ensure that only active users were migrated to the new environment. Thankfully, Quadrotech’s solution was optimized to meet this need.

“Our Archive Shuttle solution is enabled with a simple workflow to ensure that we only migrate active users. The solution’s Advanced Ingestion Protocol (AIP) leverages Exchange Web Services to move data in a compressed state, allowing us to migrate a customer’s data at 8x the speed,” said Feher.

Realize transformational outcomes

With Quadrotech’s solution in place, the customer is now well on its way to being fully migrated to its new cloud environment. It had targeted May to complete the migration effort and is now on track to reach that goal, with an automated data migration solution in place moving up to 2 TB of data per day.
“The migration is currently in progress and is going extremely well. The customer is moving about 75 GB to its environment per hour. Working to onboard the customer with the solution took a bit of work but now that the foundation is in place they are flying—the customer should be fully migrated in another 30 days,” said Feher.
Once fully migrated, the cosmetics company expects to experience a tremendous return on its investment—with conservative estimates indicating a 3-year savings of USD2.2 million. For a brief engagement, that amounts to an 800 percent ROI when factoring in the costs of the project.

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