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Girl with Surface Duo 2

Q4FY22 Promotion Offers

WE May Surface for Business Offers (update to section).

People gathered around a wooden table

Q4 FY22 Surface Education Offers

Q4FY22 Education Offers Apr - June 22 (Update to section).

Q4FY22 Laptop 4 13“

Save 10% off net MSRP on all 13" Laptop 4 devices.

Laptop SE con wood desk

Q4 FY22 Surface Education Offers

Education offers available Apr - June 22.

Women using Go2 at table

Q4FY22 Surface for Business promotional offers

Download the latest Surface for Business offers for April/May.

Surface Book 3 with keyboard on a white table

Q4FY22 Surface Book 3

Save up to 30% off net MSRP while stocks last.

Women presenting on a whiteboard and a teams call

Q4FY22 Surface Hub 2S 85" Smart Camera Offer

Discount of net MSRP of Smart Camera on select 85“ skus.

Surface Pro 7+ on wooden desk

April Surface Pro 7+ Offer

Save up to 20% off net MSRP.

Men typing on a Pro 7+

Q4FY22 Laptop Go Offer

Save 20% off net MSPR on all Laptop Go commercial devices.

Contextual office

Surface Partner for Business Use Program

Available for FY22 discounts for partners to buy Surface devices for their own business use.