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Tell the Windows 10 security story

With ongoing security and feature updates, Windows 10 Enterprise offers a new gold standard of protection.

Windows 10 is the foundation for your services revenue

Increase your recurring revenue streams with simplified Windows 10 deployments. Less time spent on deployments and migrations means you can focus your resources on higher value services around security and mobility. Receive greater margin and recurring revenue streams when you build out the cross-sell and up-sell motions.

Explore your opportunities for greater profitability with the most secure Windows ever built. See what partners are raving about, why you should be deploying Windows 10, and realize the opportunities for all types of partners when you review the Partner Profitability with Windows 10 deck.

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Ways to work with Windows 10

Learn about all the ways you can help your customers benefit from the power of Windows 10. Explore the resources available to help you move your customers to the most secure Windows ever built.

Drive deployments

Deploying Windows 10 is easier than ever, but customers still need your help and expertise to ensure the smoothest experience possible for their users. Explore the resources available to help you.

Provide managed services

It’s now easier than ever to include Windows as part of your managed services thanks to the Cloud Solution Provider program. Learn how to start, grow, and optimize Windows into your customer solutions with Drumbeat.

Windows on new devices

From tablets to Surface Hub and everything in between, explore the unparalleled range of devices available for Windows 10. Learn how you can become an OEM device reseller and how to expand your Surface sales.

Make your business stand out

Demonstrate your Windows 10 expertise to customers by obtaining the Windows and Devices competency. Help drive value for your business with access to software, programs, campaigns, resources, and more when you meet the requirements.

Featured trainings

Sharpen your skills

Get the latest Windows 10 knowledge to perform at your best when you take these Windows 10 learning path courses.

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Confidently address security solutions

Gain the product insights to sell your customers on the value of Windows 10 security solutions.

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Seize the opportunity

Expand your technical knowledge of deployments, management, security, and Windows 10 in the Cloud Solution Provider program.

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Launch your campaign today

Build your services revenue

Form the foundation for years of profitable services revenue by leveraging the migration and device renewal opportunity. Use the message of digital transformation to integrate and cross-sell Windows 10 Enterprise with Office 365 and the Enterprise Mobility Suite.

Secure small businesses

Give small businesses the level of security and control used by some of the largest and most complex organizations. See how you can lower up-front costs and easily scale as your needs change with the Windows 10 Enterprise E3 pay-as-you-go flexibility and per-user, per-month billing.

Get sales guidance

Confidently lead any Windows 10 sales conversations with your small, midsize, and enterprise customers. Receive the tips and guidance you need to best upsell and grow your services revenue with Windows 10.

Flexible support for partners

Get technical assistance when you need it. The Microsoft Partner Network gives you a wealth of support resources, like advanced cloud support, immediate answers to top partner questions, and access to the community of your peers.

See how partners are utilizing the power of Windows 10

Enhancing the glamor of Las Vegas

See how the cloud is enabling a distinctly unique guest experience at a boutique hotel with the Universal Windows Platform.

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Building a secure, mobile IT environment

Learn how Wijkracht worked with to use Windows 10 to deliver direct, fast, and convenient social services.

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Drive the Windows experience

Engage customers with events that drive Windows 10 deployments with cloud services and device adoption with Windows Accelerate.

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Shape the future of Windows

Influence features, connect with a community, and get early access to releases by joining the Windows Insider Program.

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Reach the cloud

Receive personalized guidance from Cloud SureStep to start, grow, and optimize your cloud business with Windows 10.

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Additional resources

Access additional training content on volume licensing for Windows 10, a deployment tool, success stories, and more.