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Reach commercial customers

Unlock opportunities for business growth with access to a wide range of products, a vast customer base, and deep industry expertise. Join the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program to connect with the community and take advantage of valuable resources and training.

Top partner destinations

Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program

Find solutions, tools, and resources you can use to grow your business.


Access licensing, technical, sales, and marketing information on Microsoft devices and solutions.

Surface partner programs

Explore programs to help build and grow your business with Surface.


Find key resources and support to help you manage your Microsoft Dynamics business.

Operations readiness

Access the information you need to transact with Microsoft for various partner programs.

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It’s time to bring your idea to market

Solution Workspace has the tools you need to turn a solution idea into reality. Join the Microsoft Partner Network to start building today.

Tune in for the next Microsoft Partner Community Event

Come check out our new events calendar interface and register for upcoming events.

Extend your reach and maximize your impact

Go-To-Market Services

Access sales and marketing education, content, and services to help you find more customers, faster.

Training center

Build your skills on Microsoft products and solutions with the latest training for partners, organized by role.

Partner events

Explore and register for partner networking and learning events around the world.

Build partnerships

Reach new customers and build a stronger business with successful partnerships.

Expand your solution with Microsoft Action Pack

Further build your cloud practice with Microsoft Action Pack, a collection of software, support, and services to address diverse customer scenarios and help you stand out.