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Expand your opportunities with Surface Partner Programs

Each Surface Partner Program can help you expand your practice in different ways. Check back often for new Surface Partner Programs.

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Microsoft Service Offerings pitch deck

As organizations grow and expand their operations to multiple geographies, global sourcing has become complex and unsustainable. Multi-national organizations need a reliable, feasible and cost-effective solution to equip their workers in every part of their world with the right technology. They expect Microsoft to endorse a set of partners that can deliver consistent and quality services, globally, and when negotiating global volume discount, they expect that discount wherever they buy Surface devices.

The Multi-National Authorized Device Reseller purchasing program reduces the complexity of device procurement for these organizations, and lets them expedite their orders by working with a single, qualified reseller from quote to delivery.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Multi-National Purchasing Program - Customer Flyer

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Multi-National Purchasing Program - Customer Pitch Deck

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Multi-National Purchasing Program - New Partner Pitch

Introducing Device as a Service

Microsoft Surface DaaS is a comprehensive partner-led marketing program that enables partners to sell software-led solutions focused on the productivity and collaboration of end-users, not just the hardware they use.

It combines premium Microsoft Surface devices with the latest Microsoft software, to create a completely integrated solution that leverages the power and scalability of the entire DaaS ecosystem to maximize the value to end-customers.

DaaS Partner content

Please review our DaaS content below.

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ADR Surface Partner-led Device-as-a-Service

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CSP Surface Partner-led Device-as-a-Service

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DISTI Surface Partner-led Device-as-a-Service

Microsoft is committed to supporting and rewarding eligible partners for their proactive device selling motions. As part of this mission, Microsoft has developed volume discount programs to drive up-front discounts for our Resellers. Volume Discount Programs such as “Bid Grid” and “Special Pricing” are designed to help Distributors and Resellers competitively position Microsoft Devices by granting upfront discounts based on deal size and business case.

The files below summarize the requirements to participate in these programs and covers key rules and processes.

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Microsoft Surface devices pricing programs partner guide

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Surface Hub 2S pricing programs

Surface Modern Solutions is designed to enable partners to understand the value of Surface and M365 solutions through self-paced trainings, as well as use our customer facing content to sell customized Surface solutions to their customers.
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SMS recruitment deck

Review of expectations and benefits.

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SMS onboarding deck

Outline of onboarding requirements.