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Sell with Microsoft

Create a winning sales strategy, scale your reach to global customers, and prepare for co-selling with Microsoft sellers. No matter how you sell with us, we’ll help you grow.

Sell more. Grow more.

By selling with Microsoft, you join forces with the largest technology ecosystem in the world to expand your opportunities with customers, Microsoft, and other partners. As a Microsoft partner, we provide you with clear paths and approaches that support your goals. No matter how you choose to sell with us, we have what you need to drive business growth and profitability.

Use our resources to plan for sales success
Take full advantage of resources, offers, and programs designed to help you meet customer demand and capture sales opportunities. With personalized guidance and tools for your specific business needs, we’ll help you accelerate growth as you sell with Microsoft.
Scale how you sell to customers through Microsoft
Expand your reach through the Microsoft commercial marketplace and other Microsoft partners and programs. Depending on your offering, the customers you want to reach, and how you transact, we’ll offer clearly defined approaches to help you reach more customers through our channels.
Become eligible to co-sell with Microsoft sellers
Learn how to prepare your business for eligibility to collaboratively sell with Microsoft sellers—often known as co-sell. Partners that demonstrate their expertise and experience driving customer success will be showcased to our sellers for potential sales opportunities, which may include account or territory strategic planning as well as active, joint selling.

Explore your selling options

Plan and execute sales success

To grow your business in a rapidly changing world, you need proven sales approaches that help you solve customers’ evolving business challenges. At Microsoft, we tap into our deep industry expertise, ongoing market research, and decades of experience to provide the best-in-class tools and resources you need to plan for success at every stage of the sales journey.

Purchase a Microsoft Action Pack
Purchase a Microsoft Action Pack to access resources for your organization, including product licenses, personalized guidance, and product support to help you sell to more customers.
Take advantage of go-to-market resources
Expand your reach and connect with customers using our go-to-market resources, benefits, and offers—designed to help you drive demand for your offer.
Discover the ISV Success Program
The ISV Success Program is the pathway for independent software vendors (ISVs) partnering with Microsoft to build and sell successful software solutions.
Build your sales skills
Explore our training gallery to develop and refine the knowledge you need to sell successfully with Microsoft.
Partner go-to-market toolbox
Generate valuable leads for your organization with real-time access to co-branded asset templates, an editorial review, and a marketing plan tailored for you anytime, anywhere.

Scale customer connections

Microsoft engages millions of customers every year through marketing and sales efforts. Selling with us connects your business with our global reach—so you can grow customer connections at scale. As your partner, Microsoft is committed to helping you meet your business goals as you sell solutions through our sales channels, marketplace, and partner programs.

Publish and sell in the commercial marketplace
List in the commercial marketplace—which includes Microsoft AppSource and Azure Marketplace—to reach millions of monthly users, Microsoft partners, sellers, and resellers globally.
Learn how to list and sell successful solutions
Navigate our learning path to optimize how you sell and scale your cloud solutions and services through the commercial marketplace.
Best practices
Optimize your business profile and listing
Partners offering services can learn from best practices to build a strong business profile in Partner Center, improve listings, and manage sales leads from Microsoft.
Explore the Cloud Solution Provider program
Through the Cloud Solution Provider program, partners can sell the Microsoft cloud portfolio along with their own solutions and services to expand new revenue streams.
Review updates on the new commerce experience
Check out announcements related to the launch of the new commerce experience in the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program for Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Power Platform, and Windows 365.
Best practices
Configure your offer for the CSP program
Learn about your options—and the actions you can take—to bring your organization’s offer to market through the Cloud Solution Partner (CSP) program and achieve growth goals.
Deepen your connections with other partners
Discover how you can collaborate with other partners to reach new customers, strengthen business relationships, and grow your business.
Join the Microsoft Partner Community
Join partner communities to stay updated on important events, participate in discussions, and discover opportunities to capture customer opportunity.

Co-sell with our sellers

Microsoft sellers engage partners for collaborative selling, often known as co-sell, when it’s clear that joint selling between our organizations can provide the best-in-market solution for the customer. We continue to invest in co-selling because it drives value for our customers—by delivering a holistic solution suited to their needs—and drives growth for us and our partners—by expanding sales opportunities.

Sell with Microsoft sellers
Learn what it means to sell with Microsoft—including building demand, sales planning, accelerating partner-to-partner empowered selling, delivering marketplace-led commerce, and more.
Best practices
Configure a co-sell solution
Learn how sellers evaluate your solution according to customer needs and how to prepare your business to be eligible for potential co-selling opportunities.
Review co-sell requirements
Discover the requirements your business needs to meet—whether you sell software or services—to become eligible to co-sell with Microsoft.
Solutions Partner designations
Learn more about our Solutions Partner designations—and specializations—which showcase your ability to drive customer success.
Join the Microsoft co-sell partner community
Connect with other partners to ask questions about co-selling, share success stories and best practices, and stay in the loop about key information and announcements.
Best practices
Manage co-sell opportunities in Partner Center
Learn how to use Partner Center to effectively manage co-sell opportunities and acquire new customers.
Grow your referral knowledge
Watch this series of instructional videos to learn how to manage leads, register a co-sell deal, and access help in Partner Center.