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Build a Practice

Integrate new offerings and grow your business—all with the support of Microsoft.

Learn about the latest technology market trends, gain insight into starting new technology practices and approaches to help scale their business and their knowledge.

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Building a technology practice

Learn how to integrate proven Microsoft solutions into your business model, integrate new offerings, and expand your partner business with our support. This This site covers every step needed to develop your new technology practice: designing your solution offer, hiring and training, optimising operations, sales and marketing, and delivering lifetime customer value.

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Partner Business Opportunities

Partnering with Microsoft can lead to new opportunities that will transform your business. There’s videos on the 4th Industrial Revolution, new ways to evolve your business model, methods to build intellectual property, offer managed services, or add a new practice to accelerates growth.

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Cloud practice playbooks

Read detailed playbooks to guide partners on specific Cloud practices they can build to add new revenue streams to their business. These guides cover all the detailed information you need for cloud business transformation. They provide the essential blueprints and tools to develop, analyze, manage, and secure an effective cloud practice that’s built to last.

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Partner Cloud Profitability Guide E-Book

Here’s the ultimate guide to help you understand the cloud opportunity and how you can make money with it. Discover what it takes to build a successful, profitable cloud business in this free e-book.

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