One of the greatest challenges facing partners and developers today is how to build compelling solutions that solve real-world problems using new IoT technologies or capabilities. Doing it right requires a deep understanding of the business need, knowledge of available technologies, and the courage to be creative. I get inspired when I see what other partners have done to achieve their success.

I’m excited about our new Partner Innovation Video series, which showcases partners who are shaping the way businesses and industries operate. If you’re serious about IoT, you’ll want to watch them.

Every other week, I’ll post two videos. In the first, I sit down with a partner leader to give you an overview of the solution. The second is followed by a technical deep-dive video, led by a Microsoft program manager, to explore the nuts and bolts.

Last month, we released videos featuring overviews and deep-dives with leaders from Capgemini and Cosmo Tech, and they are nothing short of awe-inspiring.

You’ll find our Partner Innovation videos on this site at the end of each month, or you can watch them as they are released on my Linkedin page. Join me to celebrate innovation and see how successful Microsoft partners are rocking the world.

June Partner Innovation videos

Discover how Capgemini’s Reflect IoD Digital Twin Platform, powered by Microsoft Azure, improves operational efficiencies for industrial buildings and enables data-centric collaboration.

In these videos we are showing how Cosmo Tech Simulation Digital Twins use hybrid AI technology to enable complex systems modeling to help organizations analyze risk and lead transformational business outcomes.


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