The Microsoft Cloud Partner Program is the next evolution of the Microsoft Partner Network, offering increased opportunities for you to tap into the world’s largest technology platform, build innovative, customer-centric solutions, and grow your business in partnership with Microsoft.

With the launch of the Cloud Partner Program, and as part of our commitment to create a more seamless partner experience, we’ve redesigned the partner website navigation to help you easily find what you’re looking for. Whether you’re exploring partner opportunities, or you need up-to-date information on our offerings, the revised navigation experience provides clear direction. No matter where you want to go, we’ll help you get there.

The partner website’s new navigation is organized by seven main tabs, each with a distinct purpose:

  • Partnership offers resources that help your organization build valuable solutions, showcase capabilities, drive demand, and extend your reach to Microsoft customers worldwide.
  • Explore features opportunities and initiatives specific to your business, so you can discover new possibilities for innovation and growth.
  • Connect gives you quick access to forums and events designed to strengthen business connections, both with Microsoft and with other partners.
  • Training provides a range of courses and resources in a variety of formats, so you can build your skills and train your teams on your terms.
  • Support helps you access around-the-clock guidance from Microsoft at any stage of your partnership.
  • The Microsoft Partner blog keeps you up to date on our partnership, offering key announcements, guidance, and the latest details about the Cloud Partner Program.
  • Find a partner connects both partners and customers to the solutions they’re looking for, providing a clear path for people to discover your solutions and services.

From browsing the different partner offerings to digging into new ways to grow, the navigation is designed with your goals in mind. Now, let’s dive deeper into the pages that comprise each main tab.


We want to help you find the right offerings for your business. If you’re just getting started with the Cloud Partner Program or you want to optimize how you engage with Microsoft, explore resources and tools suited to your goals.

  • The Partner section explains the value of partnering with Microsoft, including an overview of key offerings, tools, and resources covering a wide range of business needs. Check out information about the different offerings available through the Cloud Partner Program and get guidance on how to best engage with the program to reach your goals.
  • Build features resources for those looking to develop competitive solutions. This includes Microsoft Action Pack—which unlocks additional tools to help you build your business with Microsoft—and ISV growth, a page with offerings for partners who build and extend software solutions across the Microsoft Cloud.
  • Go to market is home to your marketing resources. Designed with self-service in mind, this page provides guidance and support to help partners drive customer demand. Here, you can also access the Microsoft commercial marketplace—an online product catalog where partners can list offers to reach millions of monthly users.
  • Sell encompasses the ways partners can sell solutions with Microsoft. From our best-in-class resources to our sales channels and commerce platforms, find what you need to sell to customers worldwide.
  • Differentiate details the benefits of attaining a Solution Partner designation or earning a specialization. These customer-facing badges showcase partners’ capabilities to set them apart in a competitive market.


Explore helps you identify and tap into distinct, evolving customer opportunities based on your business model, high-demand markets, and Microsoft initiatives.

  • By opportunity provides access to the enormous customer opportunity in distinct solution areas and industries. Plus, find resources for specific customer selling scenarios.
  • By initiative displays opportunities to work with Microsoft to create trusted solutions that enable a more equitable future. With initiatives geared toward inclusion, sustainability, and other crucial pursuits, these resources are for partners who want to use their strengths to give back.


Connect includes online forums and key events designed for you to build business connections, both with Microsoft and other partners.

  • Microsoft Inspire is the Cloud Partner Program’s premier event, and these pages provide quick access to event details, recordings of past sessions, and Partner of the Year Award winners.
  • Microsoft Partner Community is where partners connect with both Microsoft support and one another to discuss innovations, business needs, and questions. In-depth forums and guides provide opportunities to learn, advise, troubleshoot, and build business connections within the Cloud Partner Program.


This single-page experience empowers partners to sharpen their skills on their terms. Choose what, when, and how you learn by exploring training topics and formats in our self-serve gallery. With courses and workshops that range from sales and technical bootcamps to cloud fundamentals, Training helps you prepare for a certification, learn a new skill, or strengthen your business.


With a request form, Partner Center how-to docs, and details on the different levels of support that Microsoft offers partners, Support is available to assist throughout your partnership with Microsoft.

Microsoft Partner blog

The Microsoft Partner blog is a source of up-to-date guidance, with posts on topics ranging from business strategy to cybersecurity to building an inclusive workplace. In addition to announcements, the blog is home to a new series that introduces and explores the Cloud Partner Program, providing details on each Solutions Partner designation.

Find a partner

Find a partner details the value of Solutions Partner designations and specializations, which help customers identify partners with the capabilities they’re looking for. This page also links to AppSource, an online storefront where partners can list their solutions and services.

A more impactful partner web experience

The redesigned Microsoft partner website and navigation centralizes the most relevant offerings to help you accelerate growth and drive long-term profitability. By working together, we will continue to empower customers everywhere and accomplish more than ever before.


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