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Extrinsica Global: Cloud solutions for business outcomes

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Delivering cloud solutions

Extrinsica Global is one of Microsoft’s leading Azure Cloud Solution Providers (CSP) in the UK and was founded 2006. The sole focus of the business was to become the leaders in the delivery of solutions from the cloud, that businesses could just consume.

“We set out as three pioneers honing the art of delivering cloud services,” adds Simon Smith, CEO. “We dramatically grew our expertise and capabilities after having built our own cloud infrastructure in 2013. We deliberately built it to align with Microsoft’s cloud strategy and to interoperate with Office 365 and Azure. We judged that Microsoft would become the hyperscale provider of choice for business.”

Leading the way into a hybrid future

Extrinsica Global recognized early the potential of hyperscale public cloud, and the expertise required to deliver a wide variety of complex cloud solutions for end customers. As service providers for some of the most demanding companies worldwide with challenging technical requirements, Extrinsica Global realized that the capabilities it needed would only be available from a hyperscale public cloud provider.

Extrinsica Global’s solution architects and seasoned operations team combine to deliver end-to-end hybrid cloud solutions for its customers.

“We provide cloud solutions as a service, delivering end-to-end solutions rather than simply selling solution components,” notes Nick Smith, CTO. “We’ve combined the capabilities of a Solution Integrator and a Managed Service Provider to deliver all aspects of a cloud solution, so our customers can just consume the functionality they need to run their businesses.”

“Trust and security is huge in the financial sector. Extrinsica Global are a cut above and we trust them 100%.”

- Daniel Reid, Senior Partner, DRG

When it came time to embrace the public cloud, Extrinsica Global did its own market analysis, and decided to engage with just one hyperscale company to avoid the overhead associated with dealing with multiple, multinational companies.

“It became rapidly apparent that Microsoft had the best enterprise cloud strategy and would emerge as the pre-eminent B2B hyperscale cloud provider, in large part due to its heritage in Enterprise software,” added Smith.

In 2017, Extrinsica Global became the first Microsoft partner to migrate all its customer solution workloads to Microsoft Azure, migrating over 30 complex solutions in just four months. Now, Microsoft Azure is the core component of all its cloud solutions.

Extrinsic Global was one of a handful of companies Microsoft selected globally to be on the Azure CSP Early Adopter Program and is now both a Direct and Indirect CSP. It has also been recognized as a Microsoft Worldwide Hosting Partner of the Year finalist in 2015, 2016, 2017 for the ground-breaking work it has done with Microsoft cloud technologies.

“From the start, we saw the potential of Extrinsica Global and have collaborated closely ever since. Over the past three years alone they’ve grown over 200% as a successful CSP,” says Mark Rice, Microsoft General Manager, Managed Services Providers. “Their first-hand experience moving solution workloads from legacy infrastructures to Azure puts them in a great position to help our mutual customers transform and benefit from the innovative services and opportunities on the Azure platform.”

The Azure CSP program is a global initiative at Microsoft that targets service providers interested in migrating workloads from their data centers to Azure. Microsoft provides all the required services, tools, and trainings to help ensure the transition to Azure is efficient and repeatable for partners. The Azure CSP product portfolio includes Office 365, Dynamics 365, Enterprise Mobility and Security, Azure, and other Microsoft online services for business.

“We introduced a new RapidHIT DNA service which puts DNA testing in the hands of our customers in potentially hundreds of locations. Nobody in the world has done this, but with Extrinsica Global and the Microsoft Cloud, we’ve made it possible.”

- Paul Hackett, M.D. Key Forensic Services, criminal justice

Transitioning from technology value to business value

“The CSP program has given us the skills and experience to rapidly provision cloud solutions on Azure in a structured and highly automated way,” said Simon Smith. “The training, guidance, and toolsets they provided around their cloud ecosystem are second to none. Our engineers and developers say Microsoft is leading the way with their innovations around tooling for Azure and O365.”

“We were very restricted by the services we could provide with our existing infrastructure and data centers,” continues Nick Smith. “We needed more elastic scalability and flexibility for the demands of our customers’ next generation systems and for big data and analytics to manage their capabilities and usage. Microsoft helped us to move 100% to Azure, and the journey was full of massive learnings that our customers can now benefit from. “

Extrinsica Global moves customer workloads onto “future-proofed” complex technical environments, which brings its customers new capabilities. As a service provider, it can enable change very quickly without having to incur the capital costs of infrastructure and overhead to deliver those business outcomes. Azure, and Microsoft, exemplify the technical capability that’s inherent in its customers’ solutions.