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HOSTING: Taking you further

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When it came time to evolve its USD100 million datacenter business and migrate to the cloud, HOSTING made the investment in Azure—and in its own migration expertise and proprietary world-class customer service methodology.

According to co-founder and now CEO Joel Daly, HOSTING set its sights on the cloud from the start and built a reputation for providing companies with transparent, always-on solutions with a focus on security. Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, its strategy was to create a national footprint, which has now expanded to owning and operating six geographically-dispersed data centers under an ITIL-based control environment validated for compliance against HIPAA, PCI DSS and SOC frameworks.

Flexibility is fundamental

HOSTING was also the first US partner to collaborate with Microsoft to develop a unified cloud on the Microsoft cloud platform, setting the bar for performance, security, usability and scalability. “From day one we’ve always offered what’s called hybrid services through a single pane of glass,” notes Joel. “Every customer’s different and we wanted to be able to leverage the right tools for the right workload.” Allowing for flexibility was fundamental as HOSTING grew and focused on regulated markets, what Joel calls, “Compliant Verticals”–healthcare, retail, financial services, and any technology companies that service them. “With our services, we partner very closely with our customers—and it’s always been a fascinating dynamic to me,” says Joel. And thus, its proprietary world-class customer service methodology was born.

Customer loyalty

HOSTING takes immense pride in its year-over-year Net Promoter score which quantifies the level of customer loyalty by asking one question, “On a scale of zero to ten, how likely are you to recommend our company to a friend or colleague?” Along with being the highest in its industry, HOSTING achieves one of the highest marks of any industry. “Customer service is so important to us, that it’s baked into our compensation,” notes Andy Sherman, Chief Marketing Officer, HOSTING.

“One thing that stands out is HOSTING’s culture of accountability. The people we deal with in operations are well supported by the management team. From the top down, it’s a quality organization.”

- Taran Lent, VP of Product Management, CardSmith

When HOSTING made the decision to migrate over 700 environments to Azure, its management team agreed it was the perfect opportunity to expand their arsenal of best practices and invest in the skillsets of their people—some of the secret sauce of their customer service methodology.

“The process of using our internal teams to fine-tune this massive number of customer environments with such a variety of applications and diversity of workloads was a real investment in our managed service business,” says Tricia Pattee, Vice President of Project Management. “We went through the same process a customer would to move legacy systems to Azure. Microsoft helped us get there with trainings and certifications, and now our teams are in a unique position to guide our customers through their journeys to the cloud with first-hand exposure and fewer unknowns.”

Strong Microsoft partnership

“We have a long-standing relationship with HOSTING and have been working together to build a scalable Azure cloud managed services practice at HOSTING,” says Mark Rice, General Manager of Managed Services Providers, Microsoft. “They have a large and growing customer base that will benefit from the various innovative services on the Azure platform. It made perfect sense to team up and offer our expertise to help HOSTING migrate a substantial number of customers to Azure in an efficient and beneficial way to our mutual customers.”

HOSTING delivers a diverse range of solutions including hybrid deployment scenarios with Azure and seamlessly integrates services across HOSTING’s data centers, Azure, and Office365 allowing customers to be more agile and operate more efficiently. With its move to Azure, HOSTING has already seen the financial benefits of moving off legacy systems along with the upgraded capabilities and technologies. “We’ve gained scalability, cost savings, and operating efficiencies with Azure and we expect that TCO to remain steady as you factor in the comprehensive set of cloud services that developers and IT professionals use to build, deploy, and manage applications,” according to Sherman.

This is particularly important to HOSTING’s customers and its sophisticated set of security requirements. HOSTING focuses heavily on managing workloads for customers in these highly regulated industries. Azure’s broad compliance standards coverage and security feature set allows HOSTING to more efficiently grow its customers’ environments while continuing to safe guard their data and businesses.

The value of first-hand experience

“The best practices we built, and the breadth of our first-hand experience really provide a tremendous value-add to our customers as we guide them to the right solution and efficiently manage their services,” adds Sherman. “We’re proud to provide managed cloud leadership to help our customers achieve better business outcomes with a ‘Guidance Level Agreement’ service guarantee from the best team in the industry.”

“We went through the same process a customer would to move legacy systems to Azure. Microsoft helped us get there with trainings and certifications, and now our teams are in a unique position to guide our customers through their journeys to the cloud…”

- Ticia Pattee, Vice President, Product Management, HOSTING


The cloud is crowded with hundreds of providers claiming to deliver secure, compliant-managed cloud hosting solutions. HOSTING is one of only 20 selected by Gartner for inclusion in its annual Magic Quadrant for Cloud-Enabled Managed Hosting.

HOSTING delivers secure, compliant, highly available cloud solutions that empower companies to increase their revenues, reduce their expenses, and manage their risk. The HOSTING Unified CloudTM layers the industry’s leading managed services atop Azure cloud infrastructures. Customers can expect maximized performance and security of hosted applications, expert dedicated team support, and visibility into cloud environments powered by HOSTING’s superior infrastructure, expert cloud architects and industry-leading customer satisfaction scores.

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