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Inogic case study

Inogic expands its reach with the Microsoft Marketplace Rewards team

Map and a mission

Technology company Inogic wanted to increase awareness of its geo-analytical mapping tool and other applications.

Marketplace Rewards

Inogic participated in the Marketplace Rewards program from Microsoft, which provided Inogic with an engagement manager and other benefits.

Promotion and engagement

By working with the Marketplace Rewards team, Inogic reached thousands of potential customers and received valuable guidance.

Geo-analytical mapping for optimized routing and more

Inogic, based in Navi Mumbai, India, has been a Microsoft Dynamics 365 independent software vendor for more than 10 years, providing expertise in Dynamics 365, Microsoft Power Apps, Microsoft Power Automate, and Microsoft Power BI. Inogic is renowned for its customer relationship management development services and productivity apps like InoLink, User Adoption, Click2Export, Click2Clone, Attach2Dynamics, and Alerts4Dynamics.

Its flagship product, Maplytics, is a Certified for Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CfMD) geo-analytical mapping app. Maplytics empowers Dynamics 365 users with geographical data visualization, optimized routing, appointment planning, drill-down radius search with filters, heat maps, census data, personalized pushpins, and territory management. These functions can help businesses achieve high sales performance and improve marketing initiatives.

Constant hands-on support

Inogic raised awareness for its Microsoft AppSource solutions by executing social promotions and a press release. Inogic's social promotion for its Attach2Dynamics app garnered 3,464 impressions, and its social promotion for its Click2Clone app brought 3,926 impressions. Its Click2Export social promotion hit 3,125 impressions, and its just-released Maplytics social promotion reached 1,630 impressions in the first 24 hours. All were published on @MSFTDynamics365, the official Twitter handle for the Dynamics 365 team. Inogic was excited to see the Maplytics social promotion appear at the User Group Summit in Orlando, Florida.

“Having @MSFTDynamics365 tweet about our offerings creates awareness and gives potential customers more confidence about working with us as a Microsoft partner,” said Roohi Shaikh, CEO, Inogic, “With constant hands-on support from our dedicated Marketplace Rewards engagement manager and the rest of the team, we were able to get a lot of benefit for a little effort!”

Inogic’s press release, published on PR Distribution, announced the availability of Maplytics on Microsoft AppSource.

“Microsoft AppSource delivers a channel of customers ready to buy line-of-business offerings like our Dynamics 365 apps,” Shaikh said, “With features like the ‘Preferred Solution’ badge, which we recently earned, end users feel more at ease about picking our partner solutions!"

“With constant hands-on support from our dedicated Marketplace Rewards engagement manager and the rest of the team, we were able to get a lot of benefit for a little effort!”

—Roohi Shaikh, CEO, Inogic

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