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Mogrify Case Study

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Objective: Creating a strong brand presence and awareness from scratch

When Stuart Moore, Director and one of the Founders of Insync Technology headed to Washington for a Microsoft Tech Summit in 2017 little did he know at the time the huge impact this trip would make.

“We’d been working with Engage Squared and Adopt & Embrace for some time. When we met up in Washington, we discovered that our roadblocks, common frustrations and approaches with customers were all very similar,” explains Stuart.

Joined by Versor and XR Elements, all five companies were already winning business but were looking to double down in their niche areas. “We got talking. We started to look more closely at a sister business of Engage Squared coming out of the UK which was part of an alliance,” adds Stuart.

This consortium approach would give space for the businesses to work closely together on some major projects. They’d be able to collaborate in a new and innovative way bringing the diverse mix of skills and offerings each group had together.

However, this new-found way of doing business meant additional operational duties emerged way beyond the teams’ scope and abilities.

“We workshopped a few ideas around an operating model and how we would go to market. We soon realised we were running our own businesses and the day to day operations that go with that. To launch a new brand and a new business, we needed to access scalability. We decided to reach out to a marketing company to help,” explains Stuart.

More than an identity: A strategic marketing approach to help transform the modern workplace

Modern Workplace Alliance looked for a business partner that was competent and agile, understood the Microsoft ecosystem, and that had expertise to deliver strategically as well as tactically.

The team approached Mogrify to help.

Mogrify’s in-depth and in-person “Kickstarter” strategy sessions resulted in the adoption of two strategic approaches—one to the customer and one to Microsoft sellers. Mogrify’s “Marketing-as-a-Service” was then unleashed with full force.

Within a few months Mogrify had developed a brand identity for the Modern Workplace Alliance, a website, marketing collateral, pitch decks specific to key target audiences, a strong social media presence, a full sweep of content from case studies to blogs and opinion pieces.

The Modern Workplace Alliance was set to change the way businesses think, ready to transform the workplace—all backed by the Mogrify marketing engine. Mogrify had truly become an extension of the Modern Workplace Alliance.

“We needed to find a confident partner—one that understood Microsoft and could help us professionalize. We needed a partner that would be able to get up to speed quickly.”

–Stuart Moore, Director, Insync Technology

What this means to the business

A unified voice from web to print

Logo, brand design, clear and unified messaging across online platforms and new content pieces including videos, blogs, opinion pieces, product fliers and pitch decks. The design, build and launch of a new website. Graphics, and design of case studies, whitepapers and PowerPoints all under the same ‘look and feel’ gave cohesiveness and a strong, powerful brand identity.

Getting in front of Microsoft

The Modern Workplace Alliance needed a strategy to help Microsoft understand their Value-Added Proposition. Mogrify delivered specific messaging and a pitch deck targeted at resellers for a launch party event at the Microsoft Summit. Stuart describes, “Mogrify understood our brand, how to get it to market and how to make it relevant to Microsoft.”

An extension of the team

Mogrify’s “Marketing-as-a-Service” has become an integral part of the Modern Workplace Alliance team. “We continue to use Mogrify. We consider them a partner. Marketing-as-a-Service helps you keep your digital brand moving forward. They write compelling content, develop amazing graphics and always look to think bigger,” says Stuart.

New customers

Modern Workplace Alliance’s Accelerator framework has helped six businesses so far align with people, process, change, and technology. “These results are in part thanks to Mogrify’s strategic insight, partnership and the strategic marketing journey we have embarked on together,” says Stuart.