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Synoptek: Server Migration, ahead of the storm

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Synoptek strategically migrated customers from Miami Data Center to Microsoft Azure before Hurricane Irma hit

When Synoptek, a leading IT Managed Services & Cloud Services Provider, assessed the geographic risk level of its Miami, Florida datacenter (DC), the company considered making a strategic business decision for the numerous customers hosted in the facility.

Synoptek met with each customer hosted in the Miami DC and provided them with two options; migrate to a hyperscale cloud provider or stay in a high geographic risk DC. The overwhelming majority of customers chose to exit and migrate to Microsoft Azure due to Synoptek’s expertise in Azure migration and management, and partnership with Microsoft. This strategic exit ultimately prevented hundreds of customers from potential outages due to the impending damage Hurricane Irma would cause in the following weeks.

“While we had confidence in our Miami DC, when you look at the high geographic risk and the importance of a stable DC and the technical complexity involved – we, and many of our customers felt they would be better suited to run in the hyperscale public cloud,”

- Miles Feinberg, V.P. Service Development, Synoptek

Microsoft resources brings business value to Synoptek’s customers

The Azure Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program came at the right time for Synoptek’s customers. The CSP Program allows Microsoft and select partners, like Synoptek, to work closely together to build scalable Azure cloud managed services practices. The program targets partners with a large and growing customer base that will benefit from the various innovative services on the Azure platform. Partners have end-to-end ownership of the customer relationship and lifecycle for Microsoft Azure. The Azure CSP product portfolio includes Office 365, Dynamics 365, Enterprise Mobility + Security, Azure, and other Microsoft online services for business.

“We provide services that the market demands, and Microsoft is investing in our growth with the Azure CSP program,” says CEO Tim Britt, who launched Synoptek in 2001 as an IT consulting business serving large enterprise companies. “They’ve provided technical and financial assistance beyond my expectations, which ultimately benefit our customers.” “We’ve worked with Synoptek for over a decade and it’s a strong, mutually beneficial relationship,” says Mark Rice, GM of Managed Services Providers. “Our goal is to empower our partners and enable our mutual customers to benefit from the innovative services and opportunities on the Azure platform. Synoptek is in a great position to help those customers maximize the value of Azure while minimizing risks to their business.”

“Microsoft’s data center program made it easy to make the business case and efficiently move customers to Azure”, adds Miles Feinberg V.P. Service Development Synoptek. “We further honed our expertise in migrating customers and helped them to explore what’s possible with Azure. Rarely do you get the chance to collaborate so closely with a huge company like Microsoft. We went to their world headquarters and talked to the people behind the curtain—and they wanted to hear our feedback. It’s a unique relationship and our customers benefit from this. We’re super excited and we want to do more!”

Synoptek’s cloud services portfolio maximizes value for customers through every stage of their cloud journey

While customers realize that cloud computing is core to a progressive IT strategy and future business growth, it’s challenging to fully maximize its capabilities or understand its benefits. Synoptek’s centralized management system and enterprise caliber IT leadership team provide a comprehensive set of managed cloud services combining the benefits of Microsoft Azure cloud hosting with cloud assessment, planning, management, review, optimization and 24/7 customer support. Within this model, Synoptek’s customers typically increase their IT management maturity and the capability of their systems by 2-3 times within 12 to 18 months.

Synoptek leverages ITIL service management processes, customer-focused IT architecture, and operational excellence to deliver the uninterrupted services required in today’s marketplace.

Synoptek's Cloud Assessment and Planning Service can maximize the value of an investment in the cloud and minimize risks within a server migration strategy. This service helps tackle or avoid common cloud challenges, such as over or under provisioning, and by providing visibility into the entire on-premises infrastructure. The assessment includes actionable, vendor-agnostic analysis that empowers customers to make accurate, data-driven decisions during each stage of their server migration. Harnessing the power of the cloud for the greatest possible return requires working with a managed cloud service provider with the experience, expertise, and resources to capture the full capabilities and value of the hyperscale public cloud platform.

Microsoft Azure is one of the largest and most trusted global cloud platforms, and it’s home to 90% of the Fortune 500. There are 40 global Azure regions and 120,000 new Azure customer subscriptions per month. Click here to learn how Synoptek can maximize the value of your Azure cloud investment.