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Reach consumers and gamers

Whether you're an app creator, game developer, or retail partner, we can help you reach more customers, provide greater service, and get help promoting, and monetizing, apps and games.

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Identify opportunities

Explore new lines of business and ways to monetize your intellectual property.

Get go-to-market assistance from Microsoft

Build solutions

Get tools and monetization options for developing apps and services.

Get go-to-market assistance from Microsoft

Go to market

Tap into our worldwide marketplace, campaigns, and strategic resources.

Learn how to sustain long-term business growth

Fuel growth

Evaluate trends and create a foundation for long-term business success.

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Microsoft Inspire

Save the dates for Microsoft Inspire, July 19-23, 2020, in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Identify opportunities

Explore how to accelerate business growth with new platforms and new practices, and what new Microsoft technologies are exciting the developer community.

Why Windows?

Explore what makes Windows such a powerful development platform.

Your path to success

Learn from developers who made the most of their Windows opportunity.

Windows equals wow

See the latest Windows 10 features for Developers.


Developer spotlight

Windows devs make magic happen every day. These are their stories.

Physical + digital

Learn how to build mixed reality apps for HoloLens and other headsets.

Develop on Xbox One

Find the resources you need to build games for the Xbox One console.

Build on Windows 10

Get the tools and info you need to design, develop, and publish games.

Build solutions

Get guidance and documentation around how to build apps, games and experiences for all Microsoft platforms.

Resources for devs

Learn how to build apps and services across all Microsoft platforms.

Intro to Windows 10

Your guide to building experiences that reach your users everywhere.

Windows 10 apps

Start building apps that look and work great on all Windows devices.


Windows 10 games

Get an intro to building Universal Windows Platform (UWP) games.

Mixed reality + HoloLens

Review documentation and resources for building immersive experiences.

Develop on Edge

Check out features and tools for building on the Edge web browser.

Desktop development

Explore tools and tech for building desktop apps across platforms.

Go to market

Learn how to submit and publish games and apps, open new sales channels, plus test and deploy at scale.

How to publish

Learn how to publish your apps and games to the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft Store

Get a comprehensive introduction to the Microsoft Store.

Submission guide

Detailed information on the game submission and publishing process.


Speed to market

Discover tools to help you ship better games, faster.

Test and deploy

Learn how to deploy and service desktop apps at scale.

Fuel growth

Get insights and guidance to help you drive customer engagement, and expand your customer base.

Monetize your apps

See how our platform helps you turn your ideas into revenue.

Promote your apps

Learn how to grow your customer base and gain traction in the market.

Engage customers

Explore ways to drive customer engagement and satisfaction.


Ad Monetization

See how ads in your apps can help you reach your business goals.

Affiliate Program

Learn how you can earn commissions on sales of Microsoft products.

Licensing options

Learn about offering your app in our business and education stores.

Get to know Mixer

Discover how the Mixer platform brings streamers and viewers together.

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Discover the code, content, community, or devices that help you develop stunning apps, games, or experiences.

Game developers

Get the tools to build Progressive Web Apps and Mixed Reality on Windows.

Microsoft Store

Publish and promote your apps and games to the Microsoft Store.


Find licensing, technical, sales, and marketing info that will help you build, sell, and market Microsoft devices and solutions.

Device resellers

Make the connections you need to build your Windows Device Business.