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Selling with Microsoft

Microsoft offers a wide range of options to grow your sales and accelerate your business growth.

Key ways to sell with Microsoft

Explore the various channels you can use to promote and distribute your solutions and services.

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Sell through Microsoft marketplaces

Open the door to millions of customers when you sell your solution through our existing marketplaces.

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Sell through Microsoft partners

Collaborate with a global community of partners to market and sell your solution.

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Sell with Microsoft sellers

We’ll connect you to more customer opportunities and help prepare your business for a co-sell relationship with Microsoft.

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Explore Go-To-Market (GTM) Services

Boost market awareness, increase customer reach, and generate leads with Microsoft GTM Services.

Build a foundation for sales success

New to the Microsoft Partner Network? Start here to learn about the benefits of partnering with Microsoft.

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Become a member

Grow your business by joining the largest partner community of its kind.

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Build a solution

Explore business opportunities around IP, services, and practices to help expand your capabilities and meet customer needs.

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Become a Cloud Solution Provider

See how you can own the end-to-end customer relationship and get on the path to providing managed services in the cloud.

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Leverage Smart Partner Marketing

Access ready-to-use resources to help maximize your marketing and sales impact.

Preparing to co-sell with Microsoft

Connect with channel managers who can help increase the visibility of your solutions with Microsoft customers. Take the following steps to prepare your business to be eligible for a co-sell relationship with Microsoft.

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Earn a Gold competency

A Microsoft Gold competency validates your expertise to our customers and opens possibilities to sell with Microsoft sellers.

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Onboard a Partner Seller (P-Seller)

Ready your sales and technical champions to partner with Microsoft sellers on joint opportunities.

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Create your solution profile

Craft a profile that articulates your offering and value proposition, helping you earn customer referrals from Microsoft.

The co-sell advantage in action

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“The speed of customer acquisition goes up tremendously because Microsoft is bringing the right technical and customer qualified leads together to the sales process.”

– Prabal Acharrya, Worldwide Director of IoT Analytics and One Microsoft, OSISoft