illustration of basketball illustration of basketball

Data Slam Dunk

Changing up the sports marketing game leads to record-breaking results.

Cloudamour bakes up a cloud-based solution for a school that helped a girl realize her pastry-laden dreams.

Dreams come true

Giving youth with learning disabilities the tools to make it happen.

AvePoint helps Rain City funnel a downpour of data.

Working at warp-speed

A port city receives the gifts of time and productivity.

Designer Paul Smith future-proofs systems, and finds savings doing so.

Cutting-edge clothes and IT

Designer Paul Smith future-proofs systems, and finds savings doing so.

With Ziosk tablets, dine and dash becomes a good thing for restaurants.

Can I take your order

A tablet for every table makes eating out more appetizing.

A New Zealand business produces insurance for business continuity by moving its data to the cloud.

A kiwi's journey

A little help from the cloud helps a kiwifruit live its dream.

Cloud-based tablets put patient information at doctors’ fingertips.

A world of smiles

Operation Smile’s new tools lead to better health.

Machine learning helps healthcare professionals separate signal from noise.

Preventing epidemics

Big data turns doctor notes into pandemic detection system.

Sonoma Partners brews up a Windows 8 mobile app for New Belgium’s field staff.

Ensuring the perfect pint

A peek into the life of a New Belgium Beer Ranger.

Growing business from a pebble to a boulder.

Stone-cold savings

Carving out new processes in an old-world trade.

Technology powered policing helps protect the public.

Digital detective

Technology powered policing helps protect the public.

A cloud that won’t rain on Barcelona’s parade.

A smarter city

A city tourists and natives love.

Empired makes a splash by integrating SharePoint technology for Marine Rescue.

Daring rescues

Volunteer marines save lives with cloud tech.

teens holding hands teens holding hands

The power of youth

YouthWorks makes the world a better place with an army of teenagers.

Say goodbye to snow days when lesson plans and assignments live in the cloud.

Schools in the cloud

Find out how they are bringing their education experience online.

The action packed app that’s throwing fuel on a growing culture.

Fans get their fix

The action packed app that’s throwing fuel on a growing culture.

See how technology connects hundreds of companies with one technology solution.

Say Ahh-zure

A dental company’s innovation was the key to mobilizing patient records.

Technology making the world a more beautiful place.

Let there be art

A community finds an innovative way to support struggling artists.

An expecting mother uses the ‘My Baby and Me’ passport app to help her through pregnancy.

Passport to motherhood

Read how a two-day hackathon transformed pregnancies for homeless teens.

Lorena Martine, Mayor of Aguascalientes, Mexico, attends a ribbon cutting ceremony announcing the opening of a community center focused on technology.

Growing together

Read how, under its colonial charm, Aguascalientes is a seriously modern city.

Learn how a group of Carnegie Mellon University students are at the forefront of energy-saving technology.

Buildings that speak

How Carnegie Mellon increased efficiency by learning to listen.

Two children are captivated as they use technology that makes learning more engaging.

Meet education 2.0

“Study” the social learning management system that’s making education better.

carrots carrots

Fresher, Faster

How Feeding America used an app to connect farmers’ extra produce to millions of Americans facing hunger.